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The Art of Voice and Tone in UX Writing W

Unlike in marketing, where the primary goal is conversion, the objective in UX writing is to enhance product usability. Getting this right can transform the entire user experience of a product.

Can’t land a UX job? Follow these simple steps

Ah, the UX job market—so inviting, yet so brutally competitive. You’ve honed your skills, attended workshops, but still, the inbox remains eerily silent. If your hunt for a UX job feels like an eternal game of musical chairs, let’s change the tune.

sarah kessler's portfolio cover picture

9 Beginner UX Writing Portfolio Examples

Get inspired by effective portfolios by UX newbies. All the examples in this article are made by people who 1) have entered the industry in the last few years and 2) have landed jobs as UX writers or content designers.

Illustration of 4 mobile screens without copy

Microcopy in a nutshell: Past, present and future

In this blog post, we’ll explain what microcopy is and where the term came from. You’ll also get plenty of great (and a few not so great) examples and tips on how to improve your microcopy writing skills.

AI Advancements in UX Research

Discover how AI is revolutionizing the field of User Experience (UX) research, driving efficiency, depth, and accuracy in understanding user behavior and needs

Mastering UX Storyboarding

UX storyboarding is a powerful tool in the design process, offering a visual representation of the user’s journey. This comprehensive guide explores the stages, benefits, and best practices of storyboarding – giving you a silver platter of knowledge to perfect your brand story.