"10 out of 10 would recommend!"

Melissa Geissinger

“The UXWA course literally changed my life. When I made the decision to pivot my web design career into the UX writing field, I wanted to go all in and do it right. This course was the answer to that and more. I not only learned and practiced the skills necessary to succeed but was taught the why and how behind all of it which established a solid and purposeful foundation. The course material combined with the support I got from my instructors, my mentor, and my classmates all lead to me landing my first UX writing job 6 months after the first class session. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

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Hunter Armstrong Brankamp

“When I was debating whether to join the UX Writing Hub Certificate program, just like any UX “bootcamp,” I was wondering, “Is it worth it?”

Before the program had ended, I was hired into a full-time Content Strategist position with an innovative, enterprise-level, fintech product team.

Simply put, this program can get you there. It’s certainly not an easy road, but after 4 years of struggle and searching, it happened!

The 12-month payment program made this possible for me in my final transition from my “old life.” I cannot thank Yuval, Aaron and the mentor team enough for changing my life.

I’m now being a paid an hourly rate that is quite literally, life-changing. I’m paying back my debts and FINALLY feel like I’m doing the work I’ve always dreamt to find. Each day, I feel fulfillment to be harnessing my skills to make an impact…and being paid what I feel I am worth.

Take the plunge. Make new friends. Change your life. Boom.

Thank youuuuu!”

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Lauren Reichman

Lauren Reichman

“It’s always hard trusting whether or not an online course is going to be worth it. I had been eyeing several for a year, and something about the UX Writing Academy told me to go for it. For anyone who is going through the same indecision: The UX Writing Academy has given me exactly what I needed to transition from a veteran digital copywriter to a UX writer: context, application, mentorship, the assurance I needed that this is indeed the right move for me, and the confidence I needed to know that I can do it. What has been invaluable to me though is Yuval’s generosity and availability to talk through anything from course questions to portfolio-building advice.”

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UX writing student Emma McLeod

Emma McLeod

One of my biggest priorities when looking at UX writing courses was “pick the one that’s going to help me land a job” and I’m so glad that I chose the UX Writing Academy. Yuval and the mentors really do aim to set you up for success. By the end of the course, I’d gained a strong portfolio thanks to the course projects and mentorship, and I’d developed everything I needed to shape my UX writing career.

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Clara Campoli

The course was an incredible experience for me, it gave me confidence to embrace UX projects at my job (now I’m referred to as “the UX specialist”, lol) and made me hope for nice things for the future. I really believe I’m capable of taking the next step and getting a full time UX Writer job – and that’s because the course is soooooo good.

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Alyssa Wenger

”I’m so grateful for the UX Writing Hub. This certification attracted me because of the reasonable price, direct mentorship, writing-specific course content, and solid reputation. It lived up to all my expectations and helped me fall in love with this industry. 6 months after completing the certification, I landed an awesome full-time job at SimplePractice as a content designer. Yuval and Aaron – thank you for your guidance and support not only during the course, but after through my job search. A must for aspiring product writers!”

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UX Writing student Carla

Carla Kargaard

“Before doing the course, I hardly ever heard from companies after sending out my resumé. I started applying for jobs as soon as I received my certification and, so far, I’ve landed an interview every time. It’s a fantastic feeling.”

Katrina Zawojski

Katrina Zawojski

This course reminded me that investing in yourself is always a good idea. Just days prior to enrolling, I was laid off from my full-time copywriting job due to COVID (cue the financial fears). Thankfully, I followed my gut, and the experience as one of Yuval’s students was the perfect springboard to get me thinking, acting, and speaking like a UX Writer. I landed my first contract role in just two months and got hired as a full-time contributor about 3 months after that. Now I work for an amazing company that values all things user experience. Discuss your personal and/or professional goal(s) with Yuval, put in the time and the work, and watch the magic unfold.”

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Kurt Spickerman

“The UX Writing Academy was just what I needed to make the transition from content writer to content designer. The easy-to-read materials, hands-on exercises, and supportive mentorship gave me the real-world knowledge to land an awesome new job before even completing the program. I am so glad I found this program and made the investment—it was 100% worth it.”

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Diego Cagara

Diego Cagara

“I thoroughly enjoy how the course is taught in a step-by-step and organized basis, so that people like me who are still developing our UX writing skills, don’t feel left behind. A sense of structure is helpful as learning about any new field may initially sound overwhelming.

My mentor, Yuval, has always been accessible via video chat or messaging in case I have questions or need guidance, and I feel very encouraged as the people behind this course really care about their students and their success. By providing helpful reading, a Facebook students group page, links, a UX writing book and several projects, I feel more armed and confident as I hopefully embark on a new career transition into UX writing.

Information, collaboration and a helpful hand can genuinely go a long way. If you’re interested in learning or transitioning into UX writing, this course is it!

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Sarah Kessler

“There aren’t a lot of courses out there that focus specifically on UX writing, so I almost ended up doing a design boot camp that would have cost upwards of $15,000. I am so glad that I decided to do the UX Writing Academy instead. Not only was it designed for remote study (very necessary right now!), but it cost less than 20% of the price of design boot camps. I was already comfortable with writing in English, so what I really wanted was to understand UX fundamentals, testing, and research. The course materials covered all three (and more!).

Yuval’s individual attention was extremely valuable. He met with me 1:1 several times to help me learn to use software (airtable, figma), and to critique my portfolio. He was really invested in my success.

The final project involved work with a team on a real website. The case study I wrote for my portfolio helped me land a 4 month contract within a few weeks, and a full time job within 6 months.

I went from laid off from my job as an office administrator to working as a full time UX writer with a 20% salary increase!”

asher lee sherman pic

Asher Lee Sherman

With the help of the UX Writing Academy, I successfully made a career change during the pandemic—with a salary increase of over 40%.

The course provided me with an essential foundation in UX writing and microcopy that I’ve continued to build upon. UX Writing Academy clearly aims to reach the standards of well-known UX design boot camps, and I greatly appreciated this level of ambition. Few UX writing courses combine a remote online learning experience with 1:1 mentorship and hands-on projects with real clients. As someone who wanted to dive headfirst into the discipline and come out with work to add to my portfolio, this course fit my needs perfectly.

After completing the UX Writing Academy, I freelanced for several months before joining an edtech company as a full-time content strategist. Seeing my former career in higher ed merge with my new beginnings in UX has been a transformative experience. Changing careers was difficult, but the UX Writing Academy played an important part in pushing me forward.”

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Lenore Wadman

“It was fate that I found the UX Writing Academy. UX writers are in high demand everywhere, and I was looking for a specialty that would leverage my background in writing, marketing, and digital content strategy. The program was exactly what I needed. We delved into every aspect of UX writing. I learned theory, practical application and worked on industry projects. The best part is that I never felt alone because we learned and practiced alongside our peers and mentors. As a result, I gained the skills, practical experience, and confidence needed to seamlessly and successfully pivot my career.”


Parmesh Chopra

“I come from a copywriting background. I was looking for training in UX which is a lucrative profession among those which require a great writing flair. From UX zero to UX hero, this course piqued my interest in the all-new field of UX writing no other. The constant guidance from mentors, the easy to understand and super simple course material is just brilliant for rookies and pros alike. To realize that the author was once an engineer and then read the super engaging content of the course feels so inspirational. I seriously recommend anyone starting out in this domain to mandatorily pursue this course to kickstart their UX writing journey. A new journey calls for handholding at every stage and the UX Writing Hub does just that.”

Charles Buchanan

Business and Content Manager at ROBOSOFT.AI 🇫🇮

“Intensive but mentored learning. A supportive environment with room for both error and growth. In short, the real deal. These are all ways I would describe my experience now having completed the UX Writing Academy Training Program. I went from concerned over a career change to excited with the knowledge and skills I’ve been given by both programme peers and staff. The required reading is fun, fat-free, and broken up well. After reading, you’re asked to get your hands dirty and actually >do< what you’ve just learned. Upon submission, you receive personal feedback from your mentor as well as peers (if you choose) on where you excelled and where you need to up your game for the real world. Knowing is doing would be my walkaway mantra of the UXWA – and I am so glad to have made the decision to take part.”

Rena Ragimova pic

Rena Ragimova

“I started the UX Writing Hub course with a clear idea that I wanted to become a UX writer. I had over a decade of professional writing experience, but I knew that in order to get a job in tech I needed to learn the specific types of tasks that UX writers get to perform, and also how they fit within a larger design team. I’m happy to say I got all of that and much more with the UX Writing Hub!

Throughout the course, you get to work on a variety of exercises and projects, both alone and in groups. The mentors give personal feedback which is invaluable. Best of all, towards the end of the course, you will get to work on a real life project which will get your portfolio off to a great start.

I’m currently getting ready for my final interview for a FT position with one of the giants of tech, and I feel confident and fully prepared to take on the challenge. Thank you, Yuval, and the whole UX Writing Hub team for helping me make this dream career switch!”



jim gallant pic

Jim Gallant

“People with skills and experience in UX writing are in demand.

If you’re looking how to break into this fascinating discipline, end your journey right here. You’ll graduate with a portfolio in hand, developed under the guidance of a mentor who is a veteran in this rapidly growing field. A five-star experience.”

Featured article by Jim:
The difference between marketing emails and transactional emails

Ashton Korsani

Ashton Korsani

Enrolling in the UX Writing course was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I was able to truly refine my empathic approach and develop skills to better understand users. I came in as a UX Designer with 0 experience in content writing or microcopy and walked away as a confident UX Writer with a list of invaluable tools.

From the 1-on-1 mentoring with Yuval to the hands-on team projects, this course gave me everything I needed to further my career! Not only did I land interviews with major companies but passed them using the skills from this course and landed the perfect job for me!”

Kevin Pichinte

Kevin Pichinte

“A must for writers who are changing careers or upping their skills! Not only did I get world-class mentorship, learned industry methodologies, but this course took my skills to the next level: helping me land a job in the tech field!!”

Featured article by Kevin:
Connecting my dots from journalism to UX writing 

Christian De Pape

“I’ve done a lot of online courses, many from notable schools. UX Writing Hub’s course is better than them all, on many fronts: quality content, practical projects, student interaction, and access to instructors. 👌👌👌”

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Elle McSharry

Elle McSharry, M.Ed.

“I joined the UX Writing Hub course because I wanted to make a career change, and getting certified gave me the confidence to pivot to content strategy and UX writing full time. My favorite part of the course was that I had the opportunity to network with new and experienced UX writers from all over the world — I still stay in touch with many of them. Thanks, Yuval and team, for a great experience.”

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Shannon King pic

Shannon King

“A fantastic program! When I completed the course, I was confident in my skills as a UX Writer and had great examples of work to showcase my abilities.”