"10 out of 10 would recommend!"

Lucía Alcayde

I enrolled in the course to get help to transition from Copywriting to UX Writing. I had plenty of experience in the digital field, but a lack of knowledge about the UX Writing processes. So this hands-on methodology worked great with me. Thanks to Yuval and Aaron’s mentorship I felt confident enough to face this change in my career and now I’m a UX Writer. I strongly recommend it!

Andrius Petrosius

“Partnership with UX Writing Hub has been transformational for AbleFinder and it’s mission to connect, support and empower parents of children with disabilities. Together we doubled the engagement on our mobile app. We’ve made the strategic decision to make UX writing our competitive advantage.” 

Ben Wadler

This course is a game-changer both for experienced writers and those looking to break into the field of UX writing.

It’s insightful, well structured, and generous. I recommend it to anyone who will listen.

Nathan Mudaliar

The resources Yuval creates – UX Writing Hub, Facebook group, video tutorials, and so much more – will help you conquer the UX writing world. Yuval is a truly inspirational leader and influential teacher. Like Morpheus from The Matrix, Yuval will show you the door to success – but you’re the one that has to walk through it.

Yuval’s heart is as big as his brain. With his support and guidance, I was able to launch a UX writing career. Yuval consistently produces quality content, like a weekly newsletter and podcast, that helps me stay up to date with the latest UX professional practices.

By continuously learning, creating, and sharing in Yuval’s UX Writing Hub community, I developed the skills that helped me become a UX writer at Atlassian. My UX writing career has only just begun, but I know the UX Writing Hub will always have everything I need to succeed.

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Orlee Gillis

The UX Writing Hub community has put the discipline of UX Writing ‘on the map’. I was lucky to land several UX Writing gigs through the network. Yuval’s mentorship and expertise in the field exemplifies the powerful fusion between User Experience and Copywriting — an emerging world of it’s own that’s changing the realm of user experience before our very eyes.

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Barbara Kofler

“This course brought me to the next level of UX writing. Not only did I grow my skills and put hands-on strategies into practice but also received great feedback from my mentors, experimented with new tools and (above all) got to know fellow UX writers with whom I’m still in touch.”

Pieterjan Benoit

This course both opened up an entirely new and fascinating world to me. At the same time it also gave me the tools to get started with specific projects straight away. With Yuval’s help, we organised a one day workshop for our client Visit Norway (funded by the Norwegian government) to optimise and future-proof their content strategy. I’ve learned an awful lot during the course, and the contact with the other students was very inspiring and encouraging.


The 3 pillars of creating a charismatic voice and tone

Naomi Jane Goh

“Beyond the invaluable mentorship and practice that the course provides, this essential opener to UX writing helped me transition seamlessly and confidently into my new role as a UX writer for one of Asia’s biggest banks.”

Fiona Tinner

“This course incorporates it all: An engaging mentor, a holistic approach to UX writing, and many insights into other UX writers’ daily lives all over the globe.”

Yves Van Kerkhove

“The conversation mining technique I learned during the course is pure gold for any UX Writer.”


Is Voice Interface the Future of UX Writing?

Melorie Masacupan

“The UX Writing course kickstarted a new freelance career and community for me. Dedicated mentors highlighted my strengths as a former teacher, and our training continues to shift perspectives and relationships of the product design team I manage. Because of this course, I’ve come to regard language as an essential tool to label concepts, design experiences, share knowledge, deliver promises, and create the world I want to live in.”

Pernilla Axelsson

“This course made me understand that UX Writing is much more than writing microcopy. The UX Writing research module blew my mind!”


What I learned from my first week of a UX writing course

anja ux writer

Anja Wedberg

“12 weeks of practical UX writing is a fab thing in itself – but even better, the course in Microcopy and UX writing helped us to revise our service offer and start collaborating more closely with the design team.”


How Typeform upped my UX writing game

UX writing beyond microcopy

Liv Bente Tiedemann

Yuval’s course is inspiring, fun and very hands-on. It’s a must for not only people new to UX writing but also for someone like myself with some experience in the field”

Antonia Bret Mariassy

As a native English speaker and Digital Design Agency Project Manager in Sweden, I was looking for a new and exciting way to develop my creative output within the worlds of Copywriting and UX. UX Writing Hub & Yuval offered a flexible, practical and immersive way to learn and test new skills while simultaneously building a portfolio. I whole heartedly recommend the online Microcopy & UX Writing Course.”

Priya Chandrasegaram

“The UX Writing Hub’s Microcopy and UX Writing Course is the best career investment I’ve made in recent years. 

Yuval and Aaron go above and beyond teaching. Not only are they leaders in the UX field, they’re also considerate and take the time to know their students individually, so the course feels tailored for specific needs. They carefully vet potential students to ensure that your peers can also support and help you when needed. 10 out of 10 would recommend!”

Carina Glinik

Yuval always finds an inspiring example of how UX copy is done right, no matter which question one might have. He knows what he is talking about and his excitement for good UX writing is truly contagious! What I like the most about the UX writing hub is that it’s highly professional while humor doesn’t come too short.

Shreyas Chaudhary

“This course provides the most actionable way to understand, approach, practice and apply UX wrtiting in work and life. 

The hands on learning in each module about UX writing has changed the way I think, read, and write copy anywhere.

 Each module breaks down secret about impactful UX writing and provides a framework to master it

UX writing is part of my life now!”

ux writer germany

Nikolaus Booker

It helps you start a new chapter in your career, either by helping you grow into a new role, or even finding a new job through a portfolio you can create in the course.”

Asaf Shahar

The course covers everything you need to kick off or advance your UX writing career, with excellent guidance, mentorship and resources. What’s really great is that it doesn’t just end when you complete the course – the team are really happy to stay in touch and continue to provide advice and guidance… it really feels that they care about the UX Writing community.

Jennifer Walker

I took the UX writing course because I wanted to enhance my skills and move in to this new exciting territory.

What I really like about this course is that it was very very hands on. There was a great sense of community. 

We had weekly group sessions in which we discussed about our projects. I’ve received amazing feedback about my UX writing work from my peers and mentors.

Nakano Yuki

This course helped me to bring advanced UX writing methodologies to Japan.