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Our free content design course is made especially for beginners who want to get into the field. Learn what a content designer actually does, test your knowledge with quizzes and exercises, and get tons of free resources to help you on your journey.

A robot working at a desk

The current state of AI copywriting

Are writers doomed to be replaced by artificial intelligence? For sure AI copywriting has made massive progress recently. But instead of seeing AI tools as a threat, let’s take a look at how writers can benefit from the technology.

Illustration of 4 mobile screens without copy

Microcopy in a nutshell: Past, present and future

In this blog post, we’ll explain what microcopy is and where the term came from. You’ll also get plenty of great (and a few not so great) examples and tips on how to improve your microcopy writing skills.

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8 Tips to Ace UX Writing Interview Questions

The interview: always desired, often dreaded. Whether youโ€™re new to content and UX or youโ€™re a vet trying to land that dream gig, interviews can be anxiety-inducing and stressful experiences. Sometimes theyโ€™re almost enjoyable, but those times are few and far in between. Hereโ€™s some advice on how to navigate common UX writing interview questions with your nerves intact.

cover photo Gandalfโ€™s approach to UX writing

Gandalfโ€™s approach to UX writing

Jessica Drew at CarGurus has tons to say about why UX writing includes all the good parts of copywriting, why AI will free up UX writers to focus on the creative stuff, why ADHD can help writers find the dusty corners of a website, and why new UX writers shouldnโ€™t be scared to apply for senior jobs.

How much do UX writers actually make? Salary survey report 2021

What can you expect to get paid as a writer in tech? Weโ€™ll tell you all about it in this article, based on the results from UX Writing Hubโ€™s salary survey 2021. Find out the average salary for UX writers, content designers, content strategists et al across the globe and what you can do to increase your paycheck. Weโ€™ll also peek behind the numbers for insights about top performing UX writers in the industry.