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Kicking off UX Writing in your Company like a pro

Learn the essentials of impactful UX writing, strategies for seamless integration, and best practices to ensure your content resonates

Generative AI content design for teams

Discover the future of content design with our Generative AI workshop for teams. Explore how AI-driven tools can revolutionize your content creation process

Figma Masterclass for Teams

Unlock the full potential of Figma with our Masterclass tailored for teams. Dive deep into collaborative design, advanced prototyping, and efficient workflow techniques.

Let's Customize a Workshop for Your Needs

We offer team workshops on topics like UX & content ROI, and error messaging. Content design for fintech, content operations, or content design leadership with our tailored sessions.


Daniel Plotkin

As the founder of UX Writing Hub, the largest and most proficient community in this field, Yuval’s lecture on GenAI-powered images and videos was simply magnificent. His deep knowledge, passion, and ability to convey complex ideas left us inspired


Simon Goh

Around 50 participants comprising designers, product owners, business analysts and writers attended the training. We introduced a framework to guide the writing and made sure we identified metrics that good writing should help improve.

Through this workshop, I want to elevate the vital role of writing good content so we can actively produce great Digital Experiences together.