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UX Writing Weekly #156

(Nov 3, 2021)
โœ๏ธ UX writing: a place for “career refugees?”
โ€ข From therapist to UX writer
โ€ข Bob Ross: straight up G!
โ€ข New fun Figma feature

UX Writing Weekly #155

(Oct 27, 2021)
โœ๏ธ The UX elephant in the room
โ€ข UXโ€™s dirty little secret
โ€ข Where low/no-code meets UX
โ€ข Words of wisdom and warning from Don Norman
โ€ข Wrong answers only!

UX Writing Weekly #154

(Oct 19, 2021)
โœ๏ธ UX research done right
โ€ข Clarity in UX terminology
โ€ข Airtable for UX research
โ€ข Does the perfect font exist?
โ€ข Microcopy generation tools

UX Writing Weekly #153

(Oct 13, 2021)
โœ๏ธ Curious minds
โ€ข Stay curious at work
โ€ข The dark wizard Lorum Ipsum
โ€ข Staying user-centered in trying times
โ€ข The Oxford comma and an ampersand walk into a bar โ€ฆ

UX Writing Weekly #152

(Oct 6, 2021)
โœ๏ธ Where did you learn English?
โ€ข UX writing for non-native English speakers
โ€ข Writing in pairs
โ€ข Layout lessons from the ancient past
โ€ข Copy link to highlight

UX Writing Weekly #151

(Sept 29, 2021)
โœ๏ธ Gamify all the things!
โ€ข Is it game over for gamification?
โ€ข Web 1.0 contact forms
โ€ข No thanks. Iโ€™d rather confirmshame my users
โ€ข Free UX portfolio event!

UX Writing Weekly #150

(Sept 22, 2021)
โœ๏ธ Special 150th edition
For the past 150 weeks, weโ€™ve been sending our weekly UX writing newsletter. So many things have changed in the field since issue #1 that we thought itโ€™d be fun to look back at some of our favorite content created by UX Writing Hub team members and friends.

UX Writing Weekly #149

(Sept 15, 2021)
โœ๏ธ A free AI writing tool
โ€ข What itโ€™s like to use an AI writing tool
โ€ข The free alternative to GPT-3
โ€ข Intuit buys Mailchimp
โ€ข Free conversation design event tomorrow!

UX Writing Weekly #148

(Sept 8, 2021)
โœ๏ธ Thereโ€™s no โ€˜Iโ€™ in team
โ€ข Step 1: Grow your UX writing team
โ€ข Step 2: Keep it running smoothly with rituals
โ€ข We ๐Ÿ’› LEGO
โ€ข A salesperson and a UX writer walk into a bar