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UX Writing Weekly #174

(March 9, 2022)
✍️ Prioritizing what’s important
• Very special free event TOMORROW!
• Can a bank sound friendly?
• Great tips for better alt texts
• The cheekiest UX portfolio out there

UX Writing Weekly #173

(Feb 28, 2022)
✍️ UX writing content from our Ukrainian friends
• #StandWithUkraine
• Articles from our Ukrainian friends and colleagues
• How to support

UX Writing Weekly #172

(Feb 23rd, 2022)
✍️ UX and technical writers: unite!
• Eudaimonistic-centered design
• Check your undies for a UX lesson
• The perfect paragraph game

UX Writing Weekly #171

(Feb 16th, 2022)
✍️ Keep your copy organized — The copy component library we’ve been waiting for
• UI copy components — the tool you’ve been waiting for
• Writing/designing collaboration framework
• Code-Switching in UX Copy

UX Writing Weekly #170

(Feb 9th, 2022)
✍ Are screens destroying our attention spans? (Spoiler: yeah, they probably are)
• The problem with skimming and scanning
• Writing better headlines
• Lessons from a UX writing conference
• 6 AI writing tools

UX Writing Weekly #169

(Feb 2nd, 2022)
✍️ There’s carbon in every click — The invisible environment impact of online activity
• The hidden costs of online activity
• Being less polite in UX writing
• A UX writing case study
• What did you do before you became a UX writer/content designer?

UX Writing Weekly #168

(Jan 26th, 2022)
✍️ Better terms and conditions? — The law that might change the game
• Exciting news about “terms and conditions”
• No, we’re not joking
• It really is pretty exciting
• Just read it and find out

UX Writing Weekly #167

(Jan 19th, 2022)
✍️ Hack your work-life — and other handy tips
• 50 work-life hacks
• Keeping calm as a UX newbie
• Medium’s microcopy
• Believe in content design with Jonathon Colman

UX Writing Weekly #166

(Jan 12th, 2022)
✍️ R-E-S-P-E-C-T in UX writing — the do’s don’ts and more
• Writing with respect
• Six writing rules for (not just) designers
• Dark pattern news
• Your hilarious new title is …