The Current UX Design Job Market With Matt Carter @Eurobase

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How do you land a job in product design in today’s business climate? Hear what Matt Carter at the tech recruitment company Eurobase People has to say. As a Senior Product Design Specialist, he has deep insights into the current job market. 

Matt joined the podcast to discuss the wave of recent layoffs and what it means for UX writers, designers and others in the tech industry. He also shared his best tips for jobseekers, whether you’re currently out of work or looking to switch careers.

We talked about:

  • The current job situation and where it’s heading (up to 17.15)
  • Why it’s not enough to apply for advertised jobs (18.32)
  • Be proactive and introduce yourself (20.45)
  • Redefine your craft and find your niche (23.00)
  • Salaries for UX designers and UX writers (28.32)
  • The role of LinkedIn for recruitment (36.00)


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