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What is a UX portfolio

A UX portfolio is a summary of you and your work, usually published online as a few web pages or as a part of a bigger website. In brief, your portfolio should show examples of work you have done together with an explanation of your work methods.

Why you need a UX portfolio

A portfolio is a great way to put yourself forward for exciting UX writing and content design projects. It is oftenย required in UX designer and UX writer job descriptions, and is also great to have if you contact companies you want to work for directly (and you can absolutely do that!).ย 

Plus, the process of creating a UX portfolio will help you in future job interviews as it helps you to get your thoughts together and explain your process. While a UX writer resume is also important, ultimately your portfolio is what will help you land your first UX writer position.

What should you put in your portfolio?

What you put in your UX writing portfolio is really up to you, and you can be as creative as you like. Most portfolios we’ve gone through focus on a few UX-related case studies, which include some or all of the following:

  • A brief explanation of the project
  • Information about a challenge or problem you solved
  • Your method for solving the challenge or problem
  • How you collaborated with the rest of the team
  • User research you conducted and how you applied that research
  • Before-and-after screenshots
  • Any results or data that show the effect of your work
  • What you learned from the project

Most importantly, be sure to show your design process andย how you arrived at a particular solution instead of just showing the solution. At the same time, be aware that recruiters often are limited for time, so you want to keep it concise. Using bullet points for key points helps recruiters quickly understand the most important information, and don’t be afraid to leave some white space on the page!ย 

Information architecture is important for any website or app, but it’s also a key part of a good portfolio. Make sure your site is easy to navigate, whether that just means paying attention to the user interface, or for more complex sites you may need a site map.ย 

Similarly, in building your personal brand it’s good to make a plan for content strategy. What tone of voice will you use in your portfolio and resume? How does that align with your target audience and how you wish to present yourself professionally? Having solid answers to these questions before you begin the design process can help you build a focused portfolio. ย 

What if you don’t have any experience?

It’s a good question. Where do you start if you have limited or no experience? One thing you can do is to create your own before-and-after examples. Next time you bark at your laptop in frustration, be sure to stake a screenshot, mock up a better version and explain what you have done and why (show your design process!).ย 

It is also worth thinking about if your previous experience may be relevant after all. You may not have been employed as a UX designer or content designer, but perhaps you’ve had a customer experience role? Other types of writing assignments? Marketing, journalism, product design? In fact, anything you have done could be approached from a UX point of view โ€“ how could the user experience have been better?ย 

Not to mention that we are all users on a daily basis โ€”what bugs you when you use your social media accounts, for example?

As you will see in the best practice examples below, many UX pros also include information or articles they’ve written about UX, what it is and why it matters. It’s all about showing what you have to say about UX!

For inspiration, check out this article with portfolio examples from UX writing and content design newbies.

OK so how do you get started?

If you’re struggling to get going, here are a few insights we’ve found after sifting through tons of portfolios:

  • The most common tool used is Squarespace, which comes with a bunch of cool templates
  • If you want to create your portfolio for free, a few options are Medium, Notion and some WordPress templates
  • Don’t be scared to be yourself. Companies are interested in who you are too, not just what you do.
  • Make your portfolio easy to skim, for recruiters who might not have time to read it in depth.ย 
  • Start small and remember that a portfolio doesn’t have to be fancy. As always in UX, the most important thing is to show your design process and be clear and simple.

Summarizing your experience in a visually appealing format is easier said than done. But it can be a lot of fun, too! Start by having a look around and see what other people have doneโ€”not to steal their work but to get inspired by it ๐Ÿ™‚

Top 3 best UX portfolio examples

Some portfolios just stand out from the crowd by being way-above-the-mark-extra-awesome. Check them out for inspiration or head down to the next section if youโ€™re not feeling quite as ambitious.

Portfolio What about it Tool used

Cortex Copywriter

UX Writing Hub has shared Nathan Mudaliar’s portfolio several times in our social networks, and weโ€™ll probably do it again. Click on Switch experience at the top to display the page in five different writing styles. Mind = blown.


Get Coleman

One of the simplest yet most effective portfolio websites I have ever seen for a user experience writerโ€”and probably the single most creative. Move the “hard sell” slider for a demonstration of what great writers can accomplish to help companies meet their business goals. Serious lolz by the end.

Dare2hire Thereโ€™s UX gamification, and then thereโ€™s this amazing portfolio that decided to make it “more fun for both of us”. I donโ€™t even have words to describe itโ€”just see for yourself. Would you dare to hire? Wix

UX writing portfolios

Portfolio What about it Tool used ย 
Marina Posniak

Marina Posniak, a UX writer at Spotify, has a clean, stylish and simple portfolio โ€“ just like UX writing should be ๐Ÿ™‚

Squarespace ย 
Andrew Schmidt

Andrew Schmidt is a Lead Content Designer at Slack. His portfolio starts with a few explanations of how he goes about creating effective microcopy. What better way to show the world that you know what youโ€™re doing?

Squarespace ย 
Darci Groves

Darci Groves is a writer and UX leader who want to make sure that “people feel the human element beneath the pixels”. Be sure to check out her iTunes case studies, which cover interesting projects like introducing automatic downloads and removing unwanted U2 albums.

Unknown ย 
Rebecca Cha

Rebecca Cha is a creative and a strategist who strives to make everyoneโ€™s job easier and to push the boundaries of what her design team can accomplish. Her portfolio is a beautiful blend of minimalist design with a touch on movement and interactivity. Check out her work with Southwest Airlines, Chipotle, and others.

Unknown ย 
Sarah Kessler

Cool stuff from recent UX Writing Academy grad Sarah Kessler. Check out the great work she and her classmates did at, along with some other nice case studies.

Webflow ย 
Aviva Pinchas

Aviva Pinchas is a digital strategist and storyteller who specializes in optimizing customer experiences. She offers services ranging from strategy through execution and measurement.

WordPress/Elementor ย 
Val Klump

Meet Val Klump; more than just a badass name, Val has some serious UX writing skills and knows how to show them off.

Unknown ย 
Veronica Camara

Veronica Camara makes good use of case studies and info about user research, data analysis, and content strategy on her portfolio, showing how she goes about making interfaces “more usable, useful, and kind”.

Squarespace ย 
Emily Capps

A brilliant content strategy portfolio by Emily Capps. Check out how she presents the results and analytics of her work on the InterContinental Hotel โ€“ this is exactly what you need to do to evangelize UX writing.

Webflow ย 
Owen Williams

Impressive work by Shopify UX Manager Owen, including some great case studies as a UX writer for companies such as Stripe and IKEA.

Unknown ย 
Joleen Lee

Joleen Lee crafts clear, thoughtful, and relatable UX copy by working closely with UX researchers, designers, product managers, engineers, marketing teams, and users. Don’t miss the brilliant GrabFood case study, which shows the process of implementing a new feature and the changes and insights she made along the way.

Squarespace ย 
Lizzie Kost

Content designer and researcher Lizzie Kost has lots of fun stuff to explore on her site, including work she did as part of the UX Writing Academy program.

Wix ย 
Hannah Krakauer

It’s great that so many writers are looking into conversational experiences these days, and Hannah Krakauer is definitely one of them. She transforms ideas into compelling stories, brands, and experiences. Tip: Check out her cooking app voice interface design case study.

WordPress ย 
Jennifer Baranoff

Jennifer Baranoff represents that oft-overlooked, but oh-so-critical role in UX: the UX researcher. Her portfolio is crisp and clearโ€”just like how research findings should be presented.

Squarespace ย 
Marie-Pier Rochon

Marie Pier-Rochon creates top content in the UX writing space. Her work is a great example of how quality content can help attract clients to your portfolio. Check out her blog and case studies!

WordPress ย 
Orlee Gillis

Orlee Gillis shows that it is perfectly possible to publish a sleek portfolio as a Medium page. Of course there’s nothing wrong with common tools such as Squarespace, but it’s great to know that you can create something effective with a simple and free blogging platform.

Medium ย 
Diana Arteaga

Diana has a portfolio with lots of personality and a detailed case study of her time as a Product Content Strategy intern at Shopify.

WordPress ย 
Gari Cruze

Gari Cruze is a brilliant copywriter who has worked with companies such as Slack and NPR. His blog includes several wonderfully crafted case studies that we all can learn from.

Squarespace ย 
Diego Cagara

UX Writing Academy grad Diego Cagara is now a content designer at Facebook. Check out his UX writing case studies, especially the one for the digital technology addiction app Reboot & Recover.

CarbonMade ย 
Andrea Azcurra

Andrea is a seasoned UX writer and content strategist with a love of design thinking and user experience. Her portfolio contains both case studies and lots of samples of her work.

Squarespace ย 
Christian De Pape

Friendly vibes at content designer and UX Writing Academy graduate Christian De Pape’s portfolio, plus lots of clearly structured case studies that include his work for LinkedIn.

Wix ย 
Shilpi Dewan

Get inspired by Shilpi Khanna Dewan, Conversation Designer and Creative Director who has created content for major tech companies and tv networks such as Google, Apple, Newscorp (Disney), Sony Pictures, and Zee TV for 20+ years.

WordPress ย 
Janna Lawson

How many UX writing portfolios have great humble brags and a Dolly Parton quote? Janna (not Jenna) Lawsonโ€™s does! Check out her writing-focused collection of work.

Wix ย 
Alexandra Duncan

Great example of a well-organized and navigable portfolio from Alexandra, a UX writer and data-driven content strategist for corporate communications.

WordPress ย 
Suzanne Richards

Suzanne Richards has some nice UX writing examples in her portfolio. Pair that with a clear design and easy navigation and you get a winning portfolio.

Squarespace ย 
Lauren Reichman

Sweet writing chops based on +10 years of experience. Her โ€œ30 days of 404 pagesโ€ project is a cool idea for everyone who wants to break into the field.

Squarespace ย 
Dan Adams

Dan Adamsโ€™ portfolio just draws you in. Maybe itโ€™s because of Usain Bolt with a ginger goatee used in his case study for Virgin Media? Check out the rest of the case studies for Barclays, Skycsanner and Vodafone too!

Squarespace ย 
Tyler Womack

Content designer, information architect, writer and musician Tyler helps innovative companies solve problems through user-centered design.

Squarespace ย 
Josiah Flores

Josiah is a UX writer with a strong sense of design thinking and an interest in social good. Great portfolio in both design and content.

Squarespace ย 
Lisa Collins

UX writer and cat enthusiast Lisa Collins’ impressive body of work includes stints at Apple, Google, and more.

Squarespace ย 
Asher Sherman

UX Writing Academy alumna with a background as a college admissions consultant and editor/translator. Check out the impressive list of UX projects she’s been involved in since she discovered UX writing!

Unknown ย 
Catarina Abreu

Say olรก to Catarina Abreu: curious mind and dreamy UX Writer from Portugal. Love the use of for a simple, clear layout with some great UX writing and copywriting examples.

Notion ย 
Alyssa Wenger

Alyssa Wanger shows that UX writing is “pretty dang important” in her portfolio, which includes lots of practical examples of her work.

Squarespace ย 
Laura Cunha

Meet Laura Cunha, a multipotentialite with 6 years of experience in writing, customer experience, and design. Her blog includes both UX exercises and case studies.

Squarespace ย 
James Reith

Here’s a content designer and writer who focuses on inclusive, user-centered design. Check out some great articles in his minimalist portfolio.

Unknown ย 
Serena Giust

Serena Giust is a UX writer and team leader at She doesn’t just have a top portfolio herself, she’ll help you make one too! Check out her site the free portfolio guide.

WordPress ย 
Paul Vogel

Lots of interesting projects from content strategist and UX writer Paul Vogel. Currently the Content Strategy Director of Droga5, he’s also been recognized as one of the 100 most innovative people in media.

Squarespace ย 
Nikki St-Cyr

Seattle-based Nikki St-Cyr has more than just a cool last name (pronounced SAYNT SEER) โ€“ her well-rounded portfolio sure showcases her design and writing skills.

Squarespace ย 
Orchid Chen

Multi-talented Orchid Chen has a stellar portfolio/website โ€” design, layout, content, pricing โ€ฆ it all just flows.

Squarespace ย 
Chelsey Stiefel

Chelsey Stiefel is a Content Strategist with a background in creative storytelling. Once upon a time, while hunting for the perfect pun for a headline, she stumbled on UX and never looked back.

Squarespace ย 
Hana Gausfain Meet Hana Gausfain, a UX writer and designer based in Barcelona. She has a simple but stylish portfolio with examples from companies like SEAT, Movistar, and more. WordPress ย 

UX design portfolios

Portfolio What about it Tool used
Liz Wells

Liz Wellsโ€™ portfolio is both aesthetically pleasing and functionalโ€”a classic example of a great UX portfolio. Her design makes it easy to understand what she does and how her talents influence the products sheโ€™s a part of.

Anton Sten

Anton Sten has spent 20 years helping companies such as Spotify, Volvo and IKEA “connect with their customers in meaningful ways”. His comprehensive portfolio and case studies prove that he knows what he’s talking about!

Ismael Barry

Great case studies by Ismael Barry from his experience in different companies, including Airbnb.

Bruno Simon

When it comes to gamified design portfolios, Bruno Simon’s is second to none. Check it out on desktop!

Mike W Curtis

Designer Mike W. Curtis is another UXer whose portfolio lives on Medium. Case studies, articles โ€ฆ itโ€™s all right there. Easy to read, and easy to create!

Adi Holehonnur

Adi Holehonnur is a software engineer turned digital experience designer who treats pixels with care. Check out how he organizes his case studies. Good stuff.

Nuno Coelho Santos

Keep it simple: tell, donโ€™t sell. Nuno Coelho Santos shows how to write a UX case study like a pro.

Abdus Salam

Abdus Salam is an engineer by qualification but a designer and writer by choice. Currently you’ll find him at Facebook, but his portfolio is full of interesting case studies from the TV industry.

Kevin Chang

Kevin Changโ€™s portfolio makes use of some sweet storytelling. Check out the section How can I help too โ€“ and how good is the microcopy under the CTA that shows he is available for new projects?

Isaac Feldman

Web stuff maker Isaac chose to host his portfolio on, which is a good move for many reasons: Free hosting and templates that allow a clear structureโ€”which is what portfolios are all about!

Simon Pan

Google designer with a stylish and informative portfolio. Check out his case studies from Amazon and Uber!

Zara Drei

Exceptional UX writing portfolios cover all the bases: great design, a seamless UI and an informative case study. Zara Drei does just that!

Daniel Autry

Daniel Autry is a product designer, developer, and researcher who is fascinated by the social product space. He’s currently designing new reading experiences for The Washington Post. Head over to his portfolio for several case studies about his work for projects related to mental health.

Moritz Oesterlau

Moritz Oesterlau is a product/UX Designer and tutor at the Career Foundry. His portfolio is so cool that Ran Segall of Flux created a video review of it!

Michael Evensen

Michael Evensenโ€™s site is a singular, in-depth case study about building SoundCloudโ€™s mobile appโ€”and itโ€™s chock-full of insights. Looking good, too!

Jason Yuan

Jason Yuan, known for his Apple music case study, is also the cofounder of MakeSpace, a new way to be together online. Inspiring stuff!

Gabriel Valdivia

Gabriel Valdivia designs software, writes about design, and plays music. His portfolio is full of essays definitely worth checking out.

David Lim

Sleek, minimalist portfolios are the best. Instead of cluttering things up with unnecessary information, why not just give people a simple, clear introduction? David Limโ€™s portfolio does just that!

Zoshua Colah

The proud founder of also has a fab portfolio. Currently a product designer at Pathrise, a YC startup empowering job-seekers in tech, you’ll also find examples from Google, Uber and other companies on his site.

So-Hee Woo

So-Hee Woo is Head of XR Design at Encore Music Technologies. She works across platforms and mediums to experiment with the balance between the physical and digital world, which is super exciting. Her portfolio is available upon request.

Hiroo Aoyama

Hiroo Aoyama, currently a designer at Facebook, has a great case study on how to make Playstation more social. He also offers 30 minutes free UX consulting sessions for small businessesโ€”smart initiative to get in touch with potential clients!

Julia Kulbaczewska

Julia Kulbaczewska is a digital experience creator and multimedia design student. It’s so inspiring with people who know how to write, design, and code!

Toby Trachtman

Toby Trachtman is a UX designer with a background in theater and a passion for human-centered design. Love to see how people of various backgrounds bring different approaches to UX.

Gloria Lo

Sydney-based Gloria Lo designs, writes, sings, and paints. Check out her stylish portfolio with three killer case studies.

Cory Richert Cory Richert is a UX designer, problem solver, and web developer with a strong focus on user-centric solutions. Unknown

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