Whoโ€™s afraid of UX research? with Dr. Natalya Sarana @Flixbus

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Episode Summary

Dr. Natalya Sarana is a UX researcher, writer and mentor rolled into one. After 3 years at Flixbus, her conclusion is that we shouldnโ€™t be afraid of user researchโ€”because it makes the UX writing or content design process a walk in the park.

Hear her best tips on how to document research projects and how to share the results with stakeholders (โ€œone of the most difficult thingsโ€). Youโ€™ll find out what 5-second tests, concept testing and cloze testing are, and why they can be better than A/B testing.ย 

We also talked about:

  • The difference between academic research and UX research
  • The basic formula for a research hypothesis
  • How to keep track of your research impact
  • Why we canโ€™t expect amazing results all the time

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