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📺 Last week, we asked you if you prefer two podcast episodes a month, or one podcast and one online workshop. You voted and it’s workshops FTW!

So we’re starting off with a bang! Our first workshop will be with Jen Schaefer, the content design manager at Netflix.

We’ll be talking about their new copy measurement tool, Shakespeare, among other things. It's going to be both fun and informative.

SPACES ARE LIMITED to the first 100 people to sign up and join this Thursday, April 30th (78 spots left).

Secure your spot here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/how-netflix-measures-copy-success-tickets-103734807602
🏆 The winner of our 404 competition is Maya Chukujama. Congrats Maya!

She came up with a very creative and fun solution which we, unfortunately, haven’t had a chance to implement yetβ€”but we will soon.

We loved how she turned the page into a UX writing exercise and invited the user to get feedback from the community.

Thanks to everyone who submitted. We saw a lot of interesting and creative solutions. Keep up the great work!

OK, on to the content.

👹 Another great post by The Mobile Spoon about dark patterns and how we should avoid them, spiced up with our favorite movie villains.

20 Dark Patterns to avoid when designing products

βœ… Great post by our UX Writing Academy student Keith Mahoney of Intel about his journey transitioning from technical writing to UX writing.

5 Lessons Learned: Transitioning from a Technical Writer to a UX Writer

👇Thoughts about YouTube's premium prompt? I feel slightly confused by these two optionsβ€”perhaps "Maybe later" instead of "Skip trial" would make more sense! See the full discussion on our Facebook group.
🎨 Had a fantastic talk last week with Theodora Karatzas, about her time as a UX writing intern at Udemy. Check out her portfolio and case studies!


💸 Last December we published our UX writing salary survey in one of the biggest design publications in the world. We were hoping to level the salary playing field between UX writers and UX designers. Here is a small reminder:

Did you know? UX writing is a six-figure job

👔 Times are tough, but there are still new positions this week on our UX writing job board. Add your own position for free: UX Writing Job Board.
📤 Our next UX Writing Academy training program is set to start in May. Let us know if you have any questions about it. We now have a flexible, 12-month payment plan too.

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