UX Writing Weekly #75

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😞 Last week, we sent you a link to our new episode of Writers in Tech. Unfortunately, we stumbled upon some PR issues and were asked to take it down.

So, for the 500 lucky listeners who managed to hear it, kudos on your speediness. But for everyone who followed the link and got a weird 404 page, we apologize. It also made us realize that our 404 page is in need of a makeover. (More on that below.) Now, on to the good stuff!

📙 Our UX Writing Academy student Olivia Hilton wrote about reconnecting with grammar while learning UX writing in a fun article. It’s based on a segment in our course called the English Corner, where we cover grammar, mechanics, and more.

It was published on the biggest UX publication in the WORLD, which is pretty impressive. Give her a call if you're looking for a writer in Australia.

UX and grammar: risk takin’, rule breakin’

💬 Another UX writing Academy student, Lauren Reichman, published a piece in the famous UX planet about her thorough analysis of written communication in the COVID-19 era.

If you’re looking for a freelance UX writer in the U.S., check out her content and reach out if!

When Content Trumps Design: What Really Matters in a Collective Crisis, Like Covid-19

😤 Greta van der Merwe, our UX writing mentor and one of the most talented UX writers I know, wrote a fantastic piece about creating a content style guide for a unicorn company based on a workshop she held a few weeks ago.

The style guide struggle is real: 5 things I’ve learned while trying to create one from scratch

🧰 The amount of design tools out there for product teams is overwhelming. We’ve put together a list that explains exactly how a UX writer can use each tool.

Top 12 prototyping tools for UX designers and UX writers (and how to use them in 2020)

🗣️ Love this one by Content Design London with great tips about how to communicate clearly in this new era.
🎓 This week featured some highlights related to our UX writing Academy program. In case you haven't heard, we’re currently offering all newly enrolled students a 12-month payment plan + access to our new video course for.

More info here
Airbnb is a great example of a company that’s led by designers, writers, and content strategists.
They now offer online experiences for example:

Here’s a great use of a relevant β€œabove the fold” headline by Airbnb:
They’re being responsible by helping their guest and hosts stay safe:
🎨 Great post about writing your portfolio case study. Super relevant for UX writers too!

How to Write Great Case Studies for Your UX Design Portfolio

🎙️ Greta and I chatted about how she hacked her way into UX writing from creative copywriting. What a journey and pleasure it’s been to see her go from being among our first students almost 2 years ago, to having her as part of the team today.

Listen to one of our most listened to episodes to date:

Hacking my way through the world of UX Writing

👔 Lot’s of new positions this week on our UX writing job board. Add your own position for free:


🚨 About that 404 page …

We thought it would be fun to hold a little competition and give our community members a chance to put their skills to use. We’re looking to redesign our 404 page and we want YOU to write/design it!

Simply reply to this email with your best 404 page design and microcopy. We’ll implement the winning design on our site with credit to the author on the page and everything. The winner will be able to add something fun to their portfolio and will get β€œI wrote UX Writing Hub’s 404 page” bragging rights.

So get to work and give it your best effort!

📤 Our next UX Writing Academy training program is set to start in May. Let us know if you have any questions about it. We now have a flexible, 12-month payment plan too.

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See you next week!


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