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🎙️Why Data is a Writer’s Best Friend | Interview with Amy Johnson of IKEA

In this episode of Writers in Tech, I had the pleasure of chatting with IKEA’s Senior UX Writer Amy Johnson about smart chatbots, the magic of microcopy, and why data is a writer’s best friend.

Having excelled in print and commercial advertising, IKEA is moving in the direction of user experience. The Swedish furniture manufacturing giant is currently developing a new chatbot and reworking its design system to include a bigger focus on writing.

Listen here: http://uxwritinghub.com/ux-writing-ikea

📚 Here are our top recommendations for UX books in 2020.
If you find it hard to get going with books about UX, you’ll find some helpful reading tips at the end of this article.


🙋 Maybe you’re looking for some general info on UX writing or perhaps you’d like to connect with other UX writers. Either way, check out this crowdsourced collection of 50 questions that UX writers get asked.

How many have you been asked before?

Conversation starters: 50 FAQ for a UX writer

💸 Too many brandsβ€”regardless of industryβ€”fail to get the kind of ROI they should from email marketing. But email done right can be a huge ROI channel.

Here’s an extensive guide full of tips, tricks, and best practices for building a million-dollar email sequence.

$1,000,000 email sequences – how we create them (and how you can too)

📝 Great post by the product team at Teachable about how they turned inward to internal stakeholders to start building their testing process.

Building an internal user testing process at Teachable

📧 People tend to be reluctant to give away their website’s URL or email address. That's why it's a good idea to explain what you're going to use it for, like Hubspot does here.
🎨 Our student Christian De Pape has a fantastic UX writing portfolioβ€”check it out!

His contract at LinkedIn is ending soon and he’s looking for his next opportunity.


🗝️ Seems like years ago that we started interviewing UX writers to better understand industry best practices for our blog. Good times indeed, but it also helped us shape the content we create for the community today.

See how it all started in this interview with Anjana Menon who has since gone on to become a writer at Spotify.

Top 4 UX writing tips from Paypal – Interview with a UX writer from Paypal

👔 Our job board has gone through its share of iterations: the original design, manually listing job posts here, creating a Facebook post with listings. But we’ve finally designed a solution that will serve the UX writing community and not take hours to organize every week.

Presenting the UX Writing Job Board 3.0. Now everyone can easily view new opportunities on our board and upload UX writing positions, all on the same page. So whether you’re hiring or just happened to have stumbled upon a killer new position that you want to share with the community, now it’s easier than ever.

See it here and let us know what you think!


📤 Our next UX Writing Academy training program is set to start in May. Let us know if you have any questions about it.

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