UX Writing Weekly #70

PLUS Ron Weasley is made of spiders -
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🎙️ The rapid growth in the practice of UXβ€”and UX writing in particularβ€”is due in no small part to the power of the community.

The feedback and knowledge sharing seen throughout the UX community are what is helping many writers and designers improve their practices.

I was curious to speak with the founder of one of the biggest UX communities in the world, Ioana Adriana Teleanu of UX Goodies. We spoke about her best practices when it comes to creating content for the international UX community and about the UX writer’s role within the product team.

Give it a listen if you want to learn:
  • How to stay up to date with current UX trends
  • How to build a flow for content creation for the UX community
  • What makes a UX community thrive
🛋️ Here’s a great interview with Amy Johansson about developing UX writing practices at IKEA. Be sure to check out her explanation of how they use the highlighter test to test their copy.
Great stuff!

The Development of UX Writing at IKEA

📋 Don’t underestimate the importance of forms. They’re often the first point of real interaction between the user and the app.

Here are 7 super useful tips for writing forms that don’t frustrate your users.

7 Ways to Design Better Forms

😂 Ever wonder what would happen if you trained a robot on the Harry Potter series and let it β€œwrite” a new chapter? Turns out it’s pretty hysterical.

A hilarious new Harry Potter chapter was written by a predictive keyboard

More and more people are getting tired of constant notifications. So how can you persuade people to accept them?

Sometimes, all it takes is reassuring users that they won't be spammed.

Andrea Drugay’s tips about what she would expect to see in a UX writing portfolio are more relevant today than ever.

How to create a UX writing portfolio β€” What stands out when we’re hiring at Dropbox


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