UX Writing Weekly #68

PLUS the sweet sweet honey of UX writing -
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🎙️ Amir Shevat has worked for companies such as Microsoft, Google, Slack, and was the VP of product at Twitch. He also wrote the book β€œDesigning Bots” and currently runs his own start-up called Reshuffle. Quite a resume!

As he’s someone with so much experience in the valley, I was curious to talk to him about the future of writers in tech and where he thinks our field is headed.

In this episode you’ll learn:
  • The current status of bots
  • The future of conversational software
  • About the best case studies and use cases for conversation design
  • How to start a conversation design product
  • How to design a delightful conversation
  • All about the β€œbeer test” for bots
  • Ethical design suggestions

Listen to it here:
Writers in Tech
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🐝🍯 If content is king, then strategy is queen β€” and not just any queen, but a very special one. And good UX writing is like honey. Wait, what?

Check out this article where Anja Wedberg clears up the confusion of who is doing what in the content beehive.

💰 Explaining the value of UX and ROI is a real challenge. This 4-step method by the Nielsen Norman group makes it easy by measuring the impact of UX on the organization. Get all the info you need in the full article: Calculating ROI for Design Projects in 4 Steps.
🔧 Marie-Pier Rochon reviews a great new tool that lets you fix last-minute typos and make final edits right in the browser.
β€œWriteOn allows me to go to any website, live or staged, and make edits straight onto what I see.” Fun stuff!
✍️ Katherine Karaus, a UX writer at LinkedIn, gives her accurate take about getting into the field of UX writing. A must-read for anyone still trying to break into the field.
👩🎓 Lyft, Linkedin, and Google are all looking to hire a UX writing intern. But what’s the best way to set up an internship in your company?

The lovely team at Indeed shared their best practices to design an internship that students will love.

🙊 Clear, precise password instructions like these are a great way to keep your users from banging their heads against the wall. MailChimp, you did it again!
Hiroo Aoyama used to be an intern for Facebook and PlayStation and has some pretty impressive case studies, give it a read!

Brilliant post by AKSHAYA SRIKANTH about what she learned during her UX writing internship at Freshworks.
βœ… Kaitlyn Luckow just created an e-book for UX writers, which is pretty cool. Check it out here:
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