UX Writing Weekly #64

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Clear, concise, and useful.

The power of words has always fascinated me. This ability to transplant thoughts from one's own mind to another’s is an integral aspect of the human experienceβ€”it’s what allows us to reshape and design our reality.

We use them to express our thoughts and feelings, to teach, learn, clarify our goals and so much more.

My grandfather was a man of his word.

When he promised that something would happen, you could be sure it would. The power of his words influenced me and helped shaped my reality.

I tell you this because, last year, I promised all of our podcast listeners that in 2020, we would put together a UX writing conference.

So allow me to announce UX Salon Words: a UX writing conference for writers in tech.

The concept is pretty cool. After each talk, we invite the speakers for a casual conversation on stage. There will be industry leaders, big tech companies, and most importantly, food.

We'll have 2 days of UX writing talks and professional workshops.

The lineup will be published soon. Can’t wait to see all of you in person, this November in sunny Tel Aviv!

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That may sound a bit off-topic for UX writers, but if you’ve ever wanted a lesson in advanced content strategy that drives traffic, this is the episode for you.

In a frank and honest talk, Greg Digneo shared the struggles of building a successful content agency from the ground up. He talked about his process for planning content that would drive lots of traffic for his client, Time Doctor.

Listen to it here

βœ… What would your microcopy look like if you were an entrepreneur from 3235 BCE? Check out a brief history of microcopy by the product team at Dropbox.

βœ… Monzo’s voice and tone style guide is pretty fantastic. They talk about inclusive design, using emojis, and how they speak their audience’s language. Great stuff!

βœ… This article by Webflow’s director of content strategy, John Moore Williams, brilliantly shows why an accessible, honest interface is a superior design compared to an inaccessible, dark-pattern interface.

If lying to your users is your 2020 strategy, you’re in trouble!

I love the design of the hierarchy of actions on Airtable’s 404 page.

Top priority: Get back to safety (homepage)
Second priority: Get some help (FAQ page)
Third priority: We're hiring (Career page)

Fantastic copy and design!

James Callanis is a self-described β€œcrackerjack UX content strategist” that has a sleek,Β  simple, word-focused UX writing portfolio. Check out his great case studies!


Simplifying the idea of UX writing can be a challenge. It was only last year that I wrote this letter to my mom about what UX writing is all about.

How to Tell your Mom you’re a UX Writer.

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