UX Writing Weekly #54

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Probably not

Clear, concise and useful.

βœ… Adobe recently launched a new blog and we’re happy to have been invited to write a new piece for it! In it, we parallel UX writing and designing in the hopes of helping writers earn as much as designers do, and maybe even more!
Get to Know the Booming Field of UX Writing

βœ… β€˜You sound worried’: would you let AI rephrase the tone of your emails?

βœ… UX Writing, UX Copywriting, Content Strategy, and Content Design are not synonymous. But this article will help straighten things out.

βœ… A wonderfully useful article published by InVision: 10 tips for great login page design

βœ… Make sure you’re up to date with the latest terms relating to content strategy and content operation with this glossary by Kentico Kontent.

🌎 Climate change is no laughing matterβ€”and neither is microcopy and design QA.

Let’s take both seriously.

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Darci Groves has some great case studies from her time at Apple working on iTunes. From introducing automatic downloads to removing unwanted U2 albums, there’s some really interesting stuff here.



🌐/🇫🇷 UX Writer for MyScript. Nantes, France or optionally remote

🇮🇱 UX Writer @ Wix, Tel Aviv, Israel

🇮🇱 UX Writer for Localize, Tel Aviv, Israel

🇬🇧 UX Copywriter for Orbis Consultants, London, U.K.

🇬🇧 Content Designer for Deliveroo, London, U.K.

🇺🇸 Google is looking for a UX writer in New York, NY

🇺🇸 Free Association needs a UX writer in New York, NY

🇩🇪 Zalando Lounge is looking for a copywriter to do microcopy too in Berlin, Germany

🇩🇪 UX Copywriter for trivago near Cologne, Germany

🇪🇸 Conversational design / UX writer for Emergya in Sevilla, Spain

🇧🇷 Jr. UX writer at Gympass in SΓ£o Paulo, Brazil

🇧🇷 UX Writer for Mendes Talent in SΓ£o Paulo, Brazil

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