UX Writing Weekly #52

Where rap and copywriting meet head-on
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Clear, concise and useful.

This week, we’ve got a wide variety of articles with topics ranging from applying UX writing principles to other types of texts, cognitive bias, and mucho beaucoup resources for freelancers, writers, storytellers and everything in between. Oh, and a rapper called Razzlekhan!

βœ… In UX writing beyond microcopy, Anja Wedberg looks at how we can apply UX writing principles to other types of textsβ€”legal, technical, academic, and more.

βœ… Part of UX writing is making good decisions. But cognitive biases are affecting your decisions more than you may think. Luckily, StΓ©phanie Walter has made these 52 awesome UX cards to discover cognitive biases, and arranged them into 5 categories. Good stuff!

βœ… Here’s a very thorough study of dark UX design by Natasha Lomas of Techcrunch: WTF is dark pattern design?

βœ… UX writing can be a great way to find freelance gigs. Here are not 150, not 160, not 170, butβ€”count β€˜emβ€”171 Free Resources for Freelancers!

βœ… If you thought the parallels between rap and business copywriting were zilch, zero, nadaβ€”think again. Let writer/rapper Heather R. Morgan aka Razzlekhan give you her insights in 7 Creativity Secrets Discovered Through Rap And Business Writing.

βœ… Human beings are hard-wired to understand the world through the context of a story and UX writers need to be storytellers too. This list of The 72 Rules of Commercial Storytelling is full of valuable insights.

Not the biggest microcopy bite but a valuable insight nonetheless.

Turns out there are 10 times more UX designers than UX writers on Linkedin.

That’s the state of the industry todayβ€”a 1:10 writer/designer ratio.

So, how long until the industry steps up to the plate here?

Again this week we’ve got something a bit different, yet still relevant for those of you looking for portfolio inspiration.

See how Fantasy brilliantly presents their work with incredibly well-crafted product design examples.


We made some changes to our Linkedin group, which has been rapidly growing as of late. Check it out.

Next month we are going to be back with our Writers in Tech podcast! Till then, catch up on the episodes you might have missed.

And …

See you next week!


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