UX Writing Weekly #51

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Why you need a content style guide, like, yesterday

During the recording sessions for the second season of our Writers in Tech podcast, we spoke with top UX writers, content strategists, and other content leaders from some of the biggest internet companies in the world.

And guess what they all had in common?

They all had, were working on, or were planning to create a content style guide.

So this week, let’s just get right into it.

Here are some of the best articles related to content style guides:

Everything you need to know about content style guides

Get an inside look at how Dropbox handles their style guide in Guided by style by Andrea Drugay (BTW, Dropbox is hiring a UX writer in Israel)

A complete process for developing a content style guide by Nic Evans

Top 14 Content Style Guides 2019

Readability guidelines by Content Design London

Typeform recently introduced a new product called VideoAsk that allows you to not only use video to engage with your audience, but also lets them reply to your form questions with video or audio.

Not only is it a revolutionary product, but it also has some pretty great UX writing tooβ€”no surprise coming from the product team at Typeform.

Before you record your answer, they let you know you can practice your reply before you send it.

Something a little different this week. Bruno Simon is a developer but his portfolio absolutely blew my mind (check out the desktop version).

Talking about a gamified user experience!

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