UX Writing Weekly #49

Competitor analysisβ€”like a boss!
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Competitor analysisβ€”like a boss!

One of the most important research methods at a UX writer’s disposal is analyzing what works and what doesn’t with their competition.

UX research is a large and complex topic.

When used skillfully, it can be a powerful tool for creating outstanding and successful user experiences.

Here are some of the best articles on the subject. Read them now or save them for your next UX research project.

Articles to boost your competitor analysis game:

Keep reading to see my all-time favorite tool 👇👇👇

I’m currently in Barcelona for an advanced UX Writing Meetup. During the check-in process for my flight, I was presented with the following:

Here’s my question: can you tell me which CTA doesn’t charge me extra by the end of the flow? SMH

More about writing for an airline company here
More about our event in Barcelona here

Answer: in order to continue without paying extra, I had to press β€œContinue without priority boarding.” It took me a little time to process thatβ€”a big UX fail.


This is one of my absolute favorite tools to use when I want to compare various solutions while conducting a competitor analysis.

You can browse different pricing pages, product pages, app pages, and oh so much more.


As I mentioned, I’m in beautiful Barcelona, so let me know if you want to join the event or grab a beer sometime.

Hope to see you soon!


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