UX Writing Weekly #46

ere are a few articles to keep you on track when adding some LOLZ to your interface.
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Way back in 1999, if you would have told my father that he could replace his old Subaru at the click of a button without even test driving it, he would have never believed it!

Now, twenty years later, even though he probably wouldn’t buy a car online, he wouldn’t be surprised at all to learn that several companies are successfully selling them online.

CarNext is one of those companies. And there’s no doubt about it that their slick user experience contributes greatly to their high conversion rate selling used cars.

Recently, I had the chance to speak with Don Seidenberg, the first UX writer at CarNext. We talked about the process of writing copy that sells cars online.

Don’t miss it!
Microcopy That Sells Cars | Interview with Don Seidenberg of CarNext.com

Well-placed, appropriate humor can delight your users. Misplaced humor can do the exact opposite. Here are a few articles to keep you on track when adding some LOLZ to your interface.

😜 The right way to use humor in your microcopy by Kinneret

βš–οΈ UX microcopy: finding a balance between empathy and humor by Leonardo Raymundo

🙅 5 Ways To Prevent Bad Microcopy (oldie but goodie) by Bill Beard

😜UX Writing: Side Effects May Vary by Tanya Grant

Here’s why I LOVE this confirmation message by Udemy that came right after I bought a course:

  • It's personal
  • It tells me I have a 30-day guarantee (now I trust the content much more)
  • It's useful and I can share it easily (maybe an affiliate link would drive me to actually share it)

This is the copy in case it's too small:
<h>Great choice, <name><h>
<p>30-Day Guarantee! We want you to love every course you take on Udemy. If it's not right, you have 30 days to return it.
<cta> Share this course<cta>

This week we’ve got some great tips by Grace Carter for all you portfolio inspiration seekers out there!

Build a UX Writing Portfolio that Gets You Hired


Today, for the first time ever, Fiverr has added the option for UX writing gigs. And they've partnered up with us to help them spread the word!

To celebrate the good news, we've got a mini-contest for you. Create a listing for the UX writing service you offer (what Fiverr calls a 'gig') with a killer name.

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The winner gets a swag bag sponsored by Fiverr.

If you're looking to start freelancing as a UX writer, here's your golden opportunity!
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