UX Writing Weekly #44

10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation
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🎧VIDEO: 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation

Watching this video changed my lifeβ€”I’m not even kidding.

This talk taught me how to be an active listener.

Its lessons guide me when interviewing guests on our podcast, helping our students find a job, talking to clients, or just listening to a good friend.

If there’s one video you’re going to watch today, make it this one and tell me what you think.

The gist: Being a better listener brings happiness and fulfillment to your life (it will probably make you a better designer/writer too).


👾5 UX Writing Case Studies of Mobile Games Microcopy
This is the story of Meg Long and her research on the microcopy of mobile video games. It’s got TONS OF FUN examples.

The gist: I’m really starting to think about working in the gaming industry. It looks like so much fun!


🎲Design critiques at Figma
In last week’s episode of our Writers in tech podcast, I spoke with our friend Greta about using Figma, aka the Google Docs of design, to collaborate with her product team. In this article, learn about the critique processes Figma used to take their product to the next level. It’s very thorough so maybe save it for the weekend or evening. But go through it and share with your team.

The gist: Critique methods, tips, and tricks that Figma implementedβ€”and you can too!


💵UX Writing: Creating Microcopy That Speaks to Users

UX writing is about business. Helping users achieve their goals via better copy is something that every company should heavily invest in.

The gist: Another great post about the importance of microcopy within an organization.

Here’s a little microcopy example from Uber with a few lessons:

1. Invest time and effort into user research
2. Apply what you’ve learned from that research to specific parts of the user journey (make sure the message is in the right context)
3. Value your users

Great UX Writing example by the team at Uber:

We recently updated our "best UX writing portfolios" post with many new top-notch examples.

Check it out!

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