UX Writing Weekly #224

The why’s and the how’s.
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Issue #224 (Feb 22nd, 2023)

  • Teaching designers to write

  • It’s OK to fail

  • Discord’s happy little trees

  • Work with UX writing students


🧑‍🏫 In a perfect world, dedicated writers would be solely responsible for every word in a digital product—dotting every I, crossing every T. But you may have noticed, we are in no such world. 

This article makes the case for why it’s OK to let your designers handle some copy if necessary and how to help them find their inner UX writer

Teaching UX Writing to Designers

🤦 If you’re new to the field or looking to break into it, you may think to yourself, "But what if I fail?" Rest assured, that’s all part of the process

Failing Into Tech and Content Design

📋 If you’re not familiar with Gerry McGovern’s Top Tasks method, you should be. This fresh take on it has something for every member of the team. 

Adapting Top Tasks for Startups


Discord knows its target audience. Young, tech fluent, with gamer vibes. So it doesn’t shy away from injecting fun into the UI. E.g. this confirmation pop-up.

Other variants include: Bake a cake, Have an existential crisis, Record a new mixtape, and more. Obviously, this wouldn’t work for most brands. But Discord’s interface builds a rapport with its users that allows for it.


We could all use a win these days—even better if it’s a win-win!

Could your team use a UX writing boost? Maybe a few extra sets of hands to help out with that backlog project you’ve been meaning to get to. 

Join our Accelerator program and work with talented, dedicated UX writing students. A win for your team, and for them.

Learn more


Community answers to trending topics. Join the conversations below.


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The words you use can make or break the user experience. Join our friends at Bitesize UX to redesign how Nike users create custom sneakers, and create an awesome project you can show off!

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AI is more than just ChatGPT. Learn how generative AI can help improve and enhance your workflows. Join Yuval to talk about:

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Generative AI for UX Writers and Designers (Free online event) (Tue, Feb 28th)


The hype around AI has caused anxiety in many UX writers and content designers. But Ben Pines is confident that writers who learn to adapt have nothing to fear.

AI And The Future Of Writing With Ben Pines @ Wordtune


Meet Cat, a Cambridge, MA-based UX writer and researcher. Check out some of her projects or drop her a line. 



Here’s a fun hybrid opportunity for a UX writer in Tel Aviv

TinyTap, the world's largest collection of educational games, is aiming to build an open education system on blockchain. You’ll be responsible for planning and writing TinyTap’s communication across the platform to drive growth and customer engagement.

More new positions around the globe on the job board.


So … Bing’s chatbot got a little sassy while arguing with someone about the correct date. Turns out that Microsoft’s AI chatbot is ‘unhinged’ and wants to be human.

Also, what are the energy and environmental impacts of all this new generative AI technology? 

Finally, if you’re interested in getting started with generative-AI art, check out Yuval’s free Midjourney course for beginners. Let your imagination run wild!


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