UX Writing Weekly #222

the value-added UX approach.
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Issue #222 (Feb 8th, 2023)

  • The Value-Added UX Approach

  • 19 Figma plugins for UX writers

  • Free AI content detectors

  • Share things with us! (new section)


💡 Coming from a background in interior architecture, art, and design, transitioning into UX design seemed like a natural fit for Linda Heidvogel. But during her studies, she realized something was being overlooked: the words.

This led her to UX writing, where she learned first-hand the value of viewing digital product design through a writer’s lens

Content-First Design: The Value-Added UX Approach

📋 Our friends at Frontitude put together a list of the 19 best Figma plugins UX writers in 2023. Be sure to bookmark this super valuable resource.

Best Figma Plugins for Writers in 2023

🦉 The tech community often leads the way in combating various types of "isms." Yet, so often,  age-based discrimination seems to be left unchecked

Ageism: the last acceptable prejudice


Yesterday was Safer Internet Day—at least, that’s what Google said. 🤷


Community answers to trending topics. Join the conversations below.


UX writing event:

Are you a product designer or PM who needs to write microcopy for the products you're creating? A new UX writer learning about the discipline? An experienced UX writer looking for new ways to communicate with colleagues about the decisions you're making in your work?

In this event, Noah Fulton Beale will share a step-by-step process that helps UX writers and their collaborators focus on important decisions for 3 main stages of creating clear communication: define the message, shape the format, and refine the words.

Join us Thursday, February 16th, for UX Writing Step by Step: For Writers, Designers and Beyond

Free AI workshop:

AI is more than just ChatGPT. Learn how generative AI can help improve and enhance your workflows. Join Yuval to talk about:

  • Generative AI content for websites and apps

  • Building user personas with AI

  • Analyzing user data using AI

  • Content marketing and generative AI

  • And more

Generative AI for UX Writers and Designers (Free online event) (Tue, Feb 28th)


Writers in Tech is back with a new episode. Join Yuval as he talks to Alexandra (Spark) Onofrei about her career transition and how her passion for performance acrobatics led her to UX writing.

Flying Into UX Writing With Aerial Silk Teacher Alexandra Spark


Anna Arutiunova is a San Francisco-based full-stack content designer, strategist, and marketer. Check out her work at change.org and more.



Experian is looking for a UX writer with experience translating user behavior into great content strategy and copy to join its Global Decision Analytics UX team. This remote USA-based position is for someone who loves finding creative ways to solve design challenges and improve the customer experience — with words.   

Contact [email protected] if you’re interested.

More jobs on the job board.


Have you found yourself wondering if a certain piece of text was AI-generated or not? Put that suspicious copy to the test with these free AI content detectors:

We even tried asking ChatGPT to write something specifically intended to fool the detectors, but it wasn’t able to.

Results varied, but all three flagged the resulting text as being AI-generated.

But ChapGPT might have some tricks up its robo-sleeve just yet. (More on that next week.)

For now,  check out ShareGPT to easily share ChatGPT chats—no screenshots necessary.


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