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Issue #109 (Dec. 9th, 2020 )
  • Branded Amazon Store copy like a BOSS 💪
  • Localize it! 🌐
  • Product voice: Why and how 🗣️
  • What UX writing at Booking.com was like way back in 2018 🏨


🛒 Leonardo Raymundo is a UX writer turned content strategist at Orca Pacific, an Amazon agency that delivers innovation to over 100 of the world’s leading brands. We sat down for a chat about UX writing for an Amazon store, but the insights he shared are valuable for UX writers and content strategists everywhere. We covered:

  • How to conduct Amazon keyword research
  • How to increase your Amazon store views by 20% with one simple step
  • Creating branded content for your Amazon store
  • How to generate more reviews on your Amazon store using copy
  • 3 tips to optimize your Amazon Store

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UX Writing Academy Open House: Breaking into UX Writing in 2021


🌐 Here’s an expert guide to working with localization specialists. Learn why the one-sided communication of the past isn’t good enough for today's digital products and the steps you can take right now to create a localization process that works.

The Ultimate Guide to Working with Localization Specialists

🎭 So, your product voice is β€œfunny,” β€œapproachable,” and maybe even β€œfriendly.” But is that really enough, or can we do more by creating an in-depth character who fully represents the company’s brand and values?

Learn how various acting techniques can help you define exactly β€œwho” your users are talking to in:

Your Design is Great, But Who Am I Talking to?

🗣️ Get down to brass tacks with this Miro-based product voice design toolkit. With its voice quadrant, attribute sliders, tone spectrum graph, and more, honing in on your product voice just got a lot easier. Big thanks to Tangity for creating and sharing this.

Product Voice Design Toolkit: make your product speak your brand voice


β˜‘οΈ Nice example from HubSpot that reassures the user and gives them some control with an actionable link.

🎨 Taylor Woolridge is a North Carolina based copywriter, content strategist, and UX writer. Check out her diverse portfolio of workβ€”e-commerce, nonprofits, and more.


🏨 Two and a half years is a long time in the world of UX writing. See what was going on back in 2018 in this interview with Chris from Booking.

Interview With A Senior UX Writer From Booking.com

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