UX Writing Weekly #102

π˜—π˜­π˜Άπ˜΄: I, for one, welcome our new chatbot overlords -
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Issue #102 (Oct. 21st, 2020) is bursting at the seams with great content:

  • Online events: Content design and strategy 📺
  • More podcasts then you can shake a stick at 🎙️
  • From Journalism to UX writing 📰
  • A great voice & tone debate 💢
  • Join our UX writing talent pool 👔

📺 Recently, some high-profile companies have been changing the job title of Content Strategy to Content Design. But where did it all start?

Between 2010 and 2014, the team at Government Digital Service invented the discipline of Content Design by applying new techniques to their work.

In this webinar, Clare Reucroft will show how content design came into being and its impact on how content is produced around the world.

Join us to:

  • Learn some core content design principles and techniques
  • Find out how to show the value of content design
  • See the difference good content design can make for the end-user

Content design: why there's another title in our industry

🙋 Then, on October 28th, join Senior Content Strategist Masa Zokaei for a meetup on breaking into content strategy. She’ll talk about:

  • How to get the interview
  • How to put together a portfolio for content strategy that represents your work accurately and in an engaging way
  • How to present your work well in interviews
  • BONUS: preparing for interviews and what to expect

Creating Unforgettable Content Strategy Portfolios


📰 UX Writing Academy Alumnus Kevin Pichinte realized his future might not be looking so bright. So he took matters into his own hands and made the switch from Journalism to UX writing.

This is a must-read for any other journalists out there looking to take the leap.

Connecting My Dots From Journalism to UX Writing

🎙️ According to some estimations, nearly a quarter of the world’s population was using chatbots by the end of 2019. That translates to roughly a whole bunch of people. And guess who’s writing all of those dialogues? Writers just like you.

Don’t miss this episode where we dive deep into the art of writing for chatbots with the co-founder of Robocopy and the Conversational Academy, Hans Van Dam.

Chatbot Design at Robocopy | Interview with Hans Van Dam

Looking for even more UX podcasts? We’ve got you covered. Check out the top 7 in:

7 Inspirational UX Podcasts To Get You On Your A Game

💢 OK, so this discussion in our Facebook group was WILD! A voice & tone analysis takes an unexpected turn when the author shows up. Don’t miss this one:

Voice and Tone of an email from The Hustle


🤠 It’s that time of the month again β€” time for our big microcopy round-up! Don’t miss the best, worst, and funniest recent microcopy posts. Plus, something really cool that shows just how awesome our community is.

It’s all right here: Microcopy Round-Up: October 2020


🎨 Sydney based Gloria Lo designs, writes, sings, and paints. Check out her stylish portfolio with some killer case studies.


✍️ Good ol’ fashioned, straight-up UX writing processes with Matt Hayes. Classic Writer in Tech episode.

The Ultimate UX Writing Process | Matt Hayes from Deloitte

👔 You know what they say: What happens in Cupertino, stays in Cupertino. That’s right, Apple is back on the job board, so dust off that resume, update that portfolio, and make it happen!

And while you're at it, why not join our new UX writing talent pool? We'll run your name by some top tech recruiters that are looking for fresh talent.

UX writing talent pool sign-up

And as always, whether you’re looking to hire or be hired:

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