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PLUS: UX Writing WINS and FAILS -
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💯 If content is king, then when it comes to content creation, consistency is king. That's why, when we started the UX Writing Hub, our editor Aaron and I decided that every week, we were going to show up. (As they say, showing up is half the battle.)

Being consistent helps build trust with your audienceβ€”and that’s exactly what we wanted to do! So this week, we’re celebrating 100 weeks of sending our weekly newsletter by looking back at some of our own moments of success and failure.

But first, here’s the plan. No matter what happens, even if the world is about to collapse (which it feels like could happen any day now), we’re going to keep showing up and bringing you the best UX writing resources we can find, delivered on-time. That’s every Wednesday, 11 a.m. sharp (depending on your internet provider’s timezone, but you get the point).

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Now, here’s what’s inside issue #100 (October. 7th, 2020)

  • Our FAILS (and some other UX writing FAILS) 🤦
  • Our WINS (and some other UX writing WINS) 🏆
  • Updated job board 👔
UX Writing Hub FAILS
😭 We’ve had more than our share over the past two years. There have been a few incidents of accidental spamming (three emails sent at once), and some glaringly obvious typos in headlines.

But besides those day-to-day mistakes, we also had a few side projects that didn’t go so well. There was the Copy Hub platform for UI copy inspiration, and Untranslatable, a collection of words that can’t be translated between languages. Plus, more than a few Slack groups that never took off.

We were trying to give value to the UX Writing community, but we missed the mark sometimes.

Of course, we’re not the only ones. Here are some fun articles about UX writing failures:

🥳 15 failed attempts at describing UX writing at parties by Steve Howe

😬 6 pictures that sum up my life as a UX Writer by Greta van der Merwe

🤦 10 Classic UX Design Fails That Teach Us How Not To Do UX

UX Writing Hub Wins
🏆 Despite some losses, we’ve also had plenty to celebrate over the past two years.

We’re most proud of our UX Writing Academy training program, which is the UX Writing course with the best job placement stats in the world. It’s grown from a 6-week course to a comprehensive 5–6 month program that includes a mini internship.

We’re honored to have worked with so many talented students and proud of their successes in the field. Their success is our biggest win.

If you’re interested, we’re having an open house / online meetup about breaking into UX writing on October 15th. Sign up for free to join us.

We’re also proud of the team we’ve built: shout out to Aaron, Anja, Greta, Lee, Piterjan, Shira, and many others who work with us across our platform, including on the job board, newsletter, the Writers in Tech podcast, our blog, online meetups, and more.

Our community has grown from a few hundred to almost 100K people, which is MIND BLOWING.

So if you’re reading this, you’ve probably helped us to get to where we are today, so thank you as well!

Now, here are some UX writing wins (articles and resources)

🤓 The technical side of UX Writing

✍️ Top 14 Content Style Guides 2020

👔Β  Welcome Chile 🇨🇱 and Norway 🇳🇴 to the job board. Plus coast-to-coast positions in the USA. Don’t miss the latest UX writing opportunities.

As always:


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