The Role of UX Writing in the World of AI Design with Nick Babich

Episode Summary

In this episode of Writers in Tech, Yuval Keshtcher, the founder of the UX Writing Hub, hosts a conversation with Nick Babich, a mega influencer in the UX space. 


They discuss the intersection of AI and design, the importance of UX writing in the era of AI, and the tools they use to enhance their design process. 


Nick shares his insights on the importance of balancing user needs and business goals, the role of AI in design, and his approach to content strategy.


Key Points

  • The conversation begins with an introduction of the UX Writing Hub and its resources, including a blog, a podcast, a weekly newsletter, and courses with AI components. (00:24)
  • Nick Babich, a UX consultant and influencer, shares his approach to product design and his passion for sharing valuable information with the design community. (01:22)
  • Nick discusses the role of AI in his design process, particularly how he uses GPT-3 for user research, ideation, and prototyping. He shares how GPT-3 helps him speed up his design process and prototyping. (01:58)
  • The conversation shifts to the use of AI tools like Mid Journey and Stable Diffusion in design. Nick shares his experience with these tools and how they have impacted his design process. (03:24)
  • The importance of UX writing in the era of AI is discussed. Nick believes that UX writing will be a top skill in the next decade as the quality of prompts has a direct impact on the output that AI tools produce. (19:14)
  • Nick shares his content strategy, which involves identifying challenging tasks, finding solutions, and sharing these resources with the community. He encourages others to share their work and not be afraid of criticism. (23:39)



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