Freelance UX Writing: Make More, Work Less, Reach Financial Freedom!

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Slater Katz shares her wealth of experience as a freelance UX writer and entrepreneur to guide you through the process of establishing your own freelance UX writing practice.

Ready to take control of your schedule and earning potential? Slater Katz guides you through the nitty gritty of starting your own UX writing business, from building a personal brand to setting your prices and more.

You’ll learn about

  • Slater’s path from Fashion marketing to UX writer
  • Find your first clients
  • Building a niche as a UX writer
  • The best pricing models for freelancers

About Slater

Slater Katz is a freelance UX writer who has worked with companies including Netflix, Verizon, Fitbit, and AfterPay. Her latest venture, the Gig Gal, helps those new to the industry to establish their own freelance UX writing practice.

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