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Designing for entertainment

Many UX professionals, content strategists, and content designers dream of landing a job at one of the main streaming companies or social media platforms.

Join our panel event with representatives from the frontline of innovation: Ben Barone-Nugent from Netflix, Marissa Coren from Facebook, and Howard Myint from Hulu. They will discuss questions like:

  • What unique considerations are there when designing for entertainment?
  • What are some of the main problems to solve? And how are they solved?
  • What’s the difference between products for entertainment and other products?
  • How much does UI writing relate to the language of film and television?


The event will be moderated by Yuval Keschtcher, CEO at the UX Writing Hub.

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What are our webinars like?

Very informative and useful session with real examples. For me, as someone who worked as a translator/ copy writer in Marketing before taking up a new role as UX writer, this gave me more clues of the difference between the two writing styles.
Scaling our impact with Clara of Atlassian
I was really impressed with conversational vibe that Ben brought. This being my first webinar with you - I was even more delighted with how all the participants were so passionate and wanting to help each other, esp in the chat.
UX With Someone I Love | Ben of Netflix
Loved the personal experiences shared. Loved that she was so relatable and and shared mistakes, struggles, etc. It made me feel like I was on the right path, since I was able to relate to so many of the experiences she shared.
Microcopy writing hacks with Yael of vCita
Times for panel event
February 18
9:00 am Los Angeles
12:00 pm New York
6:00 pm Berlin
7:00 pm Tel Aviv
10:30 pm Bangalore
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About Ben, Marissa, and Howard

Ben has worked with product copy for brands like Google, Nike, Samsung, Facebook and WhatsApp for over 12 years.

Marissa loves supporting the people behind the pixels at Facebook while managing a content strategy team. She's collaborated on immersive experiences across Uber and Walmart while drawing on her law degree and speechwriting experience at the United Nations.

Howard leads writing on the Product Design team at Hulu. In a previous lifetime as an advertising copywriter/creative director, he’s had the privilege of working with brands like Apple, Nike, Uniqlo, and the Obama White House. His quarantine side-project is learning to play drums.

Attend UX and content at the frontline (Netflix, Facebook, Hulu)

Online event for UX professionals, content designers, strategists and marketers

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February 18
9:00 am Los Angeles
12:00 pm New York
6:00 pm Berlin
7:00 pm Tel Aviv
10:30 pm Bangalore