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Episode Summary

In the latest installment of Writers in Tech, our host Yuval Keshtcher, founder of the UX Writing Hub, is joined by Jaime Walke, a principal UX writer and content designer at The duo delve into the realms of UX writing, accessibility, and the evolution of’s UX writing team. Jamie talks about his transition from tourism to tech companies, the ethos of continuous learning at, and the growth of UX writing in the organization. They also explore the subject of accessibility, discussing its ethical implications, business benefits, and its broad spectrum that includes users with disabilities as well as those using assistive technologies.

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Episode Notes

Guest Jamie Walk, a principal UX writer and content designer at, sheds light on his journey in the tech world, his role at, and the company’s pioneering work in UX writing. (01:22)

Jaime shares insights into the growth of the UX writing team at, from a small team of 7-8 members to a flourishing team of nearly 80. (01:58)

The duo discuss a project at called A11y, which is dedicated to making products accessible for everyone and complying with legal standards. (03:24)

Jaime emphasizes the ethical considerations around accessibility, and its potential business benefits, given the increased buying power of people with accessibility needs. (19:14)

Jaime talks about his role in creating an inclusive screen reader experience for users, and why UX writing plays a crucial role in promoting accessibility. (23:39)


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