Hacking my way through the world of UX Writing | Greta van der Merwe of Careem

Greta van der Merwe’s UX writing career has skyrocketed, going from an ad agency to senior UX writer a unicorn company recently acquired by Uber.

I first met Greta when she was among the original members of our Facebook group, participating in discussions and sharing her talents with others. In fact, after she participated in the first class of our UX writing course (we’re about to open the fourth), we were so impressed that we took Greta on as a student mentor in future classes.

She has a great post about how no one in her organization seems to understand how UX writing should work.

picture from Greta's article of toes filling a shoe

It’s been a true honor watching her career progress and I was delighted to speak with her recently about the following topics:

  • How she went from copywriter to Senior UX writer in such a short period of time
  • How to collaborate with designers as a senior UX writer
  • The processes and tools she uses
  • How she stays up to date with the UX Writing industry

Words of wisdom from one of the best UX writers I know.



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