Self-Taught UX Education and Career Tips with Gene Kamenez @UXcel

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UXcel can be described as the DuoLingo of design education. As a complement to traditional degrees and bootcamps, they offer fun and interactive 5-minute design lessons.

I chatted with co-founder and CEO Gene Kamenez about the pros and cons of traditional design education, how to teach yourself the skills you need, and how to get into the field of UX and design.

  • About UXcel [from ]
  • The challenges with self-education [from 6.00]
  • Challenges for people who want to break into UX [from 9.58]
  • The importance of mastering the tools you use [from 17.20]
  • Resources for people who want to get into UX [from 26.30]
  • Landing  your first UX gig [from 29.20]
  • Find and connect with your industry heroes [from 33.15]
  • Celebrate your milestones [from 34.46]


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