Are UX Writers the new Product Managers?

I remember when I first heard about UX writing best practices in a talk at Googleโ€™s I/O 2017 conferenceโ€”it was a huge โ€œahaโ€ moment for me. As a product designer, microcopy was just a small part of that larger design world. Just something for a small Facebook group where I invited friends and we posted different ideas about microcopy.

But that one day, everything changed. I decided to explore and talk to all of the practitioners out there so I could know more about this exploding new topic.

And it was quite a journey. Not long after listening to that talk, in a moment of complete serendipity, I met Allison Freedenfeld. I was eavesdropping on a nearby table that was in a long conversation about UX writing and I decided to take action. That day I met Allison for the first time and weโ€™ve been friends ever since.

So Iโ€™m very glad to start the second season of Writers in Tech with her in a talk where we cover:

  • The differences between content strategy and UX writing
  • Doing research as a UX Writer and building the story of the product
  • Testing copy with the highlighter test
  • Which design tools you should learn and much more.

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