Advocating for Your UX Content with Amanda Bridge @Hubspot

In this episode of Writers in Tech, Yuval Keshtcher, CEO of UX Writing Hub, interviews Amanda Bridge, a senior content designer at HubSpot. Amanda shares her inspiring journey into UX writing, discusses challenges in building a UX writing discipline, and highlights the importance of human touch in content design.


The conversation explores AI’s impact on UX writing, introduces AI writing tools like Writer’s Figma plugin, and emphasizes the benefits of being embedded in product teams. The theme “Advocating for Your UX Content” inspires content designers to promote their craft within their organizations.


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  • Amanda Bridge shares her journey into UX writing, starting at Procore Technologies and later joining HubSpot as a senior content designer.
  • Challenges of setting up a UX writing discipline within a large team and starting from scratch are discussed.
  • Amanda’s impactful work on HubSpot’s Academy product to improve course applicability is highlighted.
  • The potential impact of AI on UX writing is explored, with Amanda believing that AI will take over copywriting tasks, allowing content designers to focus on strategy and conversation within features.
  • AI writing tools like Writer’s Figma plugin are introduced, enabling content designers to add terms and snippets, promoting system-wide thinking in design and creating content consistency.
  • The benefits and challenges of being embedded in specific product teams at HubSpot are discussed.
  • Factors to consider when hiring a content designer, such as company size and product complexity, are mentioned.
  • To enhance collaboration with designers, Amanda suggests content designers take an Intro to Product Design course or watch YouTube videos on design principles.
  • The importance of content designers knowing how to work with design tools and manage copy within those tools is emphasized.
  • The central theme of the episode, “Advocating for Your Content” encourages content designers to champion their craft and promote the value of content design within their organizations.


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