What you didn’t know about dark patterns with Colin M. Gray @ Purdue University

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Episode Summary

Associate Professor Colin M. Gray runs a UX research lab that maps and spreads information about dark patterns, aka manipulative design.

Dark patterns are getting increasingly addictive, and yet many of us put up with them if we want something. The good news is that the legal community has started to take notice, and consumers are becoming more aware. 

Colin and I talk about the past, current and future state of dark patterns, including:

  • The non-digital roots of manipulative design in the ad industry
  • The challenge of motivating businesses to stop using unethical design
  • The danger of brain science and how it can become a playbook for evil strategies
  • The fine line between a playful brand voice and so-called asshole design

About Colin

Colin M. Gray is an Associate Professor at Purdue University in the Department of Computer Graphics Technology and Associate Professor (by courtesy) in Learning Design & Technology in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

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