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Benefit-driven UX writing with Samuel Hulick and Yohann Kunders @Value Paths

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Samuel Hulick and Yohann Kunders discuss the concept of “Value Paths” including what they are and how they can help businesses improve their service processes.


What drives engagement and revenue? In this episode, Samuel Hulick and Yohann Kunders help answer this question as well as help us understand the concept of “Value Paths” and how they can improve and align your business and user outcomes. Samuel and Yohann are the founders of Value Paths and hosts of the Value Paths Podcast. They help businesses grow their SaaS revenues sustainably.

[01:59] Johann’s story and how he entered the field of user onboarding.                      [02:59] Understanding Value Paths and how they aim to improve and align user and business outcomes.
[06:58] The unique position that UX writers are in today.
[10:41] Learning more about their service processes and how they help companies.
[12:44] Examples of how the value path processes are used in businesses.
[21:20] How to sell your ideas to business owners.
[27:05] Interesting ideas for episode names.

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