UX Writing Weekly #98

PLUS: It’s like herding cats -
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📺 Content audits can be a powerful tool for building collaboration on your team. Join Laurah Mwirichia of Square, where she’ll teach us how to pair up with the design team to bring a project management mindset to your work and get everyone on the same page with content audits your design team will love.

Laurah will guide us through a content audit example and discuss how writers can use content audits as a way to get everyone, from design to engineering, on the same page.

You’ll get lots of inspiring examples of how to get the most out of collaboration with designers and product managers, including tips on tools and organization methods.


🍂 Happy autumn! (Or spring for our upside-down readers.)
Here’s what’s inside issue #98 (Sep. 23rd, 2020)

  • User testing is like herding cats 😾
  • You next UX writing move 🤔
  • Design conferences from your sofa 🛋️
  • The forgotten UI element 🌱

Getting reliable data from user testing can be tricky. Users can be unreliable, capricious, perhaps even finicky. Sound like a familiar furry friend? Love β€˜em or hate β€˜em, cats and users have more in common than you think. Check out:

Everything I know about UX Research, I learnt from cats

🤔 So, you’ve established yourself as a UX writer, content designer, or title-of-your-choosing β€” kudos! But have you thought about your next move? Whether it’s moving up the leadership ladder or transitioning into a new role, see your options in:

So you’re a content designer… what next?

💸 This article has some handy UX-tricks to enhance your e-commerce site and boost sales. Start raking in the moolah with:

How to use eCommerce UX to make your sales surge


🛋️ OK, 2020 hasn’t exactly been a stellar year. But if you’re looking to turn that frown upside down and make the most of what’s left of it, why not attend some free design conferences? All from the comfort of your sofa no less.

Design Conferences to Attend From Your Sofa (For Free)

🌱 The loading state (aka skeleton screen) seems like the forgotten middle-child of UI elements. But it’s a great opportunity to enhance a product's UX, and we can even throw in some microcopy.

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🎨 For the past 20 years, Anton Sten has been helping companies connect with their customers in meaningful ways.

Check out his sleek portfolio with an abundance of case studies.



😹 More than just a UX writing Vince McMahon reaction meme, this post started up a discussion about β€œfull-stack” digital writing. Is it a thing? Should it be? What’s your take?

👔Β  We’ve got job postings in major cities around the world this week.

From New York, Amsterdam, Jakarta, Buenos Aires, and even Mahwah, New Jersey, which apparently exists. Check β€˜em out!


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