UX Writing Weekly #98

PLUS: Itโ€™s like herding cats -
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📺 Content audits can be a powerful tool for building collaboration on your team. Join Laurah Mwirichia of Square, where sheโ€™ll teach us how to pair up with the design team to bring a project management mindset to your work and get everyone on the same page with content audits your design team will love.

Laurah will guide us through a content audit example and discuss how writers can use content audits as a way to get everyone, from design to engineering, on the same page.

Youโ€™ll get lots of inspiring examples of how to get the most out of collaboration with designers and product managers, including tips on tools and organization methods.


🍂 Happy autumn! (Or spring for our upside-down readers.)
Hereโ€™s whatโ€™s inside issue #98 (Sep. 23rd, 2020)

  • User testing is like herding cats 😾
  • You next UX writing move 🤔
  • Design conferences from your sofa 🛋๏ธ
  • The forgotten UI element 🌱

Getting reliable data from user testing can be tricky. Users can be unreliable, capricious, perhaps even finicky. Sound like a familiar furry friend? Love โ€˜em or hate โ€˜em, cats and users have more in common than you think. Check out:

Everything I know about UX Research, I learnt from cats

🤔 So, youโ€™ve established yourself as a UX writer, content designer, or title-of-your-choosing โ€” kudos! But have you thought about your next move? Whether itโ€™s moving up the leadership ladder or transitioning into a new role, see your options in:

So youโ€™re a content designerโ€ฆ what next?

💸 This article has some handy UX-tricks to enhance your e-commerce site and boost sales. Start raking in the moolah with:

How to use eCommerce UX to make your sales surge


🛋๏ธ OK, 2020 hasnโ€™t exactly been a stellar year. But if youโ€™re looking to turn that frown upside down and make the most of whatโ€™s left of it, why not attend some free design conferences? All from the comfort of your sofa no less.

Design Conferences to Attend From Your Sofa (For Free)

🌱 The loading state (aka skeleton screen) seems like the forgotten middle-child of UI elements. But itโ€™s a great opportunity to enhance a product's UX, and we can even throw in some microcopy.

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🎨 For the past 20 years, Anton Sten has been helping companies connect with their customers in meaningful ways.

Check out his sleek portfolio with an abundance of case studies.



😹 More than just a UX writing Vince McMahon reaction meme, this post started up a discussion about โ€œfull-stackโ€ digital writing. Is it a thing? Should it be? Whatโ€™s your take?

👔ย  Weโ€™ve got job postings in major cities around the world this week.

From New York, Amsterdam, Jakarta, Buenos Aires, and even Mahwah, New Jersey, which apparently exists. Check โ€˜em out!


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