UX Writing Weekly #92

PLUS The first monthly microcopy round-up -
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Welcome to issue #92. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Peer into your users’ minds 🧠
  • A new UX writing tool 🔧
  • The dark side 😈
  • Microcopy round-up 🤠

🎙️ Liraz Margalit, Ph.D., is a Social Psychologist who specializes in Behavioral Design and Decision Making. She integrates Neuropsychology and Behavioral Economics perspectives to analyze User behavior and deliver actionable insights for business stakeholders.

We sat down for a chat where we talked about:
  • Different approaches to customer experience
  • Shaping moments for our customers and users to remember
  • How to use words to shape customers’ experiences and what part of the journey you should pay attention too

A truly fascinating perspective into the user’s mind.

Listen to it on:

🔧 Here’s a new UX tool with a lot of potential. Frontitude centralizes UX copy editing and collaboration for UX and product teams, from design to production (I love their Figma plugin). Give it a try and let us know how it was!


🔀 They’re the same? They’re completely unrelated? What's really going on when it comes to the difference between the two most common job titles in our field? Find out in:

The Differences Between UX Writing and Content Strategy

👩‍💻 We teamed up with our friends at CareerFoundry and UX writer Orlee Gilli of Elementor to bring you some fresh insights into how to write and design a killer product page that converts. Check it out and don’t miss the top three mistakes to avoid.

How to Write an Amazing Product Page: An Expert Explains

😈 There are things that you should, nay, must avoid in your user interface!

Every once in a while, we feature an article about dark patternsβ€”nasty little tricks inside a UI that manipulate users. We do this because we believe it’s the duty of UX writers everywhere to put a stop to dark patterns and make our digital world a better place.

So whether you’re new to the concept or need a refresher, please read:

Dark Patterns: 12 Tricks You Should Never Use in Your Products

🤠 We made a thingβ€”we hope you like it. It’s a collection of microcopy examples that we’re calling the Microcopy Round-Up, and we’ll be making one every month. It features good, bad, and funny examples that were posted by our community members.

For example, what's your take on the 3-dots menu?

See more great examples in our Microcopy Round-Up for August 2020

🎨 Utah-Based UX Designer Mike W. Curtis has an impressive portfolio that lives on Medium. Case studies, articles … it’s all right there. Easy to read, and easy to create!


🤣 Sometimes you just get lucky.
See comments in the Facebook post.

🎵 Yelp! (They need somebody) Yelp! (Not just anyboooody) YELP! (You know they need …) OK, I’ll stop now.

Yelp is looking for a UX writer, if you haven’t figured that out by now. And, it’s a remote position. So what are you waiting forβ€”apply now!

As always:
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