UX Writing Weekly #91

PLUS Can you guys hear me? -
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A designer and copywriter walk into a UX writing team …

📺 Don’t miss the next webinar in our series featuring Melissa Sepe-Johnston and JR Miller of Google Maps on Thursday, August 6th.

They’ll reveal how they left the fields of design and copywriting for the new world of UX writing. They’ll cover how to get stuff done as a UX writer and how to collaborate remotely. Sign up now and post questions for the Q&A session at the end of the webinarβ€”it’s bound to be a good one.

See a list of upcoming webinars and workshops here.

Spaces are limited, so don’t wait.

Here’s what’s inside issue #91

  • New Writers in Tech episode 🎙️
  • The right tone for your web copy ✍️
  • Does every business need a UX writer? 🤔
  • Can you … can you guys hear me? 🙉
🙌 Mattias Γ…kerberg’s entrance into the world of UX writing is the stuff of legend. His journey took him from copywriting, through being among the first UX Writing Academy students, to now teaching his own course, working with top companies in his native Sweden, and much more.

It’s a story of dedication and passion for the craft that has led to a thriving UX writing career. Find out how he did it.

Becoming a UX writing expert

🤔 Lots of companies have discovered that it pays to focus on the form and function of words in digital interfaces, known as UX writing or content design. But does every business need a UX writer? Learn more about it here and get some tips on how to get started if you want to give UX writing a go.

UX Writing For Business: Does Your Company Need A UX Writer And How Do You Get Started?

✍️ β€œNailing the tone can sometimes be the hardest part of writing.” Andrea Drugay gives us some tips and tricks to help us do just that.

The right tone for your web copy: as easy as ABC


Sometimes, one little word is enough to brighten up a tedious task like recovering a forgotten password.

🤦 Sum up working in 2020 in as few words as possible.
See the full discussion here.

🎨 Maybe you want to start applying to UX writing positions, but feel like you can’t without a portfolio. Well, this article has a secret for youβ€”any writing experience means you have UX experience!

These quick five tips will get you pointed in the right direction.

5 Steps for Building a Great UX Writing Portfolio

💲 Sometimes we exist in a UX writing bubble where everyone appreciates UX writing’s value and understands its importance. Yet that still isn’t always the case outside the bubble.

Almost exactly two years ago, Kinneret Yifrah showed the world how UX writing relates to the bottom line.

The ROI of UX writing

🚇 Mind the gap everybody β€˜cause we’ve got 3 hot positions in London! Plus, UX writing jobs across 6 continents.


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