UX Writing Weekly #88

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Welcome to issue #88. Here’s what’s inside:

  • C is for cookie 🍪
  • How to write a careers page 👔
  • Lifesaving microcopy 🦺
  • A punny conversation 😅
  • UX writing jobs in Antarctica? 🇦🇶

But first, a quick plug. Are you new to UX writing? Or perhaps you’re looking to brush up on some of the basics?

Dive in with our free UX writing course. It’s full of fun, informative content that will introduce you to the world of UX writing and microcopy.

🍪 Cookie Monster must be lovin' the internet these days. But if you’re not a furry, blue, googly-eyed monster, you may be less enthused about the onslaught of cookie notifications.

Learn how to create cookie notifications that will set the tone for your site and keep your customers from bouncing.

Cookies UX: just stop the madness

💼 The headline on your careers page can do oh-so-much more than just say β€œThis is the careers page.” Learn about a better approach from UX Writing Academy alumnus Christian De Pape.

Is β€œCareers” the First Word on Your Careers Page? Big Mistake
👾 From action movies to rom-coms, every film genre comes with certain expectations. The same holds true for video games, yet there’s a key difference: the genre is based on how the player interacts with the game.

This is a must-read to current or aspiring game writers.

Hey video game writers! Here's your secret weapon: genre

👏 Kudos to Waze for being proactive with a feature that may save lives. This popup informs users of the feature and allows them to activate it. Join in the insightful discussion about the tone.

What’s your take?

🎨 Toby Trachtman is a UX designer with a background in theater arts and a passion for human-centered design. Love to see how people of various backgrounds bring different approaches to UX.


😜 Things got pretty punny in our Facebook group this week. See the whole thread here.


👔 Howzit bru? Are you interested in this lekka job in Joburg? 🇿🇦 (Can’t you just hear the accent?)

We currently have UX writing jobs on six continents. Antarctica, you’re next! 🇦🇶

As always:
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