UX Writing Weekly #86

PLUS Dinosaurs go RAWRR!! -
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📝 Content style guides have always been a bit scary to me, and I thought that only the biggest brands needed one. But after participating in last week's webinar with Clara from Atlassian, we built our own style guide for UX Writing Hub emails. So now, all of our team members can write consistent emails.

The guidelines include the structure of the headline, rules for sending, email body structure, design, and more. Clara's methods helped us scale our content operations and showed me that content style guides aren't that scary after all!

Thanks again Clara. Now, let's dive in!

🤯 Why is it that developers, designers, and product managers tend to work on one project at a time, yet content designers often work on multiple products simultaneously.

In his recent presentation at the SofaConf 2020, Jonathon Colman showed the benefits of having content designers work on a single project.

You can see the deck and resources from the presentation, but be sure to read through the Twitter feed where he explains everything. Eye-opening talk!

🦸Growth.Design helps product-led organizations in 140+ countries create better experiences, all in a fun, comic book format. There’s tons of useful info on the psychology page and loads of great case studies too. Take quizzes, sign up, or just browse aroundβ€”it’s well worth a visit.

Growth.Design β€” Level up your product skills

🎮 Gaming is massive industry employing thousands of programmers, designers, and artists. But did you know about the demand for game writers and narrative designers? Learn more about how writers fit into the game equation.

Game Writer Versus Narrative Designer: FIGHT!

🦕 🦖 WUFOO is a site for easy online forms with a fun dinosaur theme. When you hover over the login button, the text changes to RAWRR! We thought it’s a fun little moment of delight. What’s your take?
🎨 UX Writing Academy student Lauren Reichman has some pretty sweet writing chops and years of experience. Don’t miss her β€œ30 days of 404 pages” project and talk to her if you're hiring for a UX writing or content strategy position.

🚗 CarNext.com has slick UX that contributes greatly to its high conversion rate selling used cars. Last year, I spoke with Don Seidenberg, the first UX writer at CarNext.com, who shared lots of good advice.

Getting Hired as a UX Writer: The 5 Step Plan

👔 This week, there are lots of new jobs across the globeβ€”from Singapore to Brazil. Plus, anyone looking for a wee job in Edinburgh? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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