UX Writing Weekly #82

PLUS Riding your unicorn into the sunset -
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📛 To split or not to split: That is the question: Whether β€˜tis nobler to use one field or two for names on a form. Here’s another fantastic post by The Mobile Spoon.

Full name vs. first/last name - to split or not to split?
🦄 Looking for a new UX writing opportunity? One of the biggest challenges for a scaling company is keeping its content consistent across platformsβ€”something you could probably help with! So I challenge you to reach out to one of these unicorns on LinkedIn and offer your services.

Billion-Dollar Startups
😷 UX Writing Academy alumnus, Kevin Pichinte, wrote a great post about one of the methods we teach in the course called conversation mining. Basically, it’s checking what your users are talking about online so that you can create better, more conversational interfaces. In this case, it can even help fight COVID-19. Give it a read!

Conversation Mining: a UX Writer’s Secret Weapon to Combat the Coronavirus

📲 WhatsApp makes it a breeze to start using your account on a new device, thanks to super clear instructions and a QR code.
🎨 Great news! We recently updated our list of the very best UX writing portfolios. This crew really knows how to bring the portfolio game. Browse aroundβ€”get inspired.

Best UX Writing Portfolios (2020 update)

Almost three years ago, I published this article on Medium about the best podcasts for UX designers. Since then, we’ve added our own to the list along with many other great podcasts. Check it out if you're looking for something new to listen to.

Top 9 Podcasts Any UX Designer Should Listen To

👔 Some job posts just disappear. But new ones? You can find β€˜em here!

Every week I’m both amazed and delighted by the number of new UX writing jobs popping up around the world. This week, our first ever post from Mexico! 🇲🇽 ΒΏHablas espaΓ±ol?

See all the latest UX writing positions β€” or post your own

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