UX Writing Weekly #82

PLUS Riding your unicorn into the sunset -
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📛 To split or not to split: That is the question: Whether โ€˜tis nobler to use one field or two for names on a form. Hereโ€™s another fantastic post by The Mobile Spoon.

Full name vs. first/last name - to split or not to split?
🦄 Looking for a new UX writing opportunity? One of the biggest challenges for a scaling company is keeping its content consistent across platformsโ€”something you could probably help with! So I challenge you to reach out to one of these unicorns on LinkedIn and offer your services.

Billion-Dollar Startups
😷 UX Writing Academy alumnus, Kevin Pichinte, wrote a great post about one of the methods we teach in the course called conversation mining. Basically, itโ€™s checking what your users are talking about online so that you can create better, more conversational interfaces. In this case, it can even help fight COVID-19. Give it a read!

Conversation Mining: a UX Writerโ€™s Secret Weapon to Combat the Coronavirus

📲 WhatsApp makes it a breeze to start using your account on a new device, thanks to super clear instructions and a QR code.
🎨 Great news! We recently updated our list of the very best UX writing portfolios. This crew really knows how to bring the portfolio game. Browse aroundโ€”get inspired.

Best UX Writing Portfolios (2020 update)

Almost three years ago, I published this article on Medium about the best podcasts for UX designers. Since then, weโ€™ve added our own to the list along with many other great podcasts. Check it out if you're looking for something new to listen to.

Top 9 Podcasts Any UX Designer Should Listen To

👔 Some job posts just disappear. But new ones? You can find โ€˜em here!

Every week Iโ€™m both amazed and delighted by the number of new UX writing jobs popping up around the world. This week, our first ever post from Mexico! 🇲🇽 ยฟHablas espaรฑol?

See all the latest UX writing positions โ€” or post your own

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