UX Writing Weekly #79

PLUS The paradox of salad dressing -
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🤯 Last week, we made history! Our webinar featuring Jen Schafer from Netflix turned out to be the biggest UX writing event ever (as far as we know). More than 750 participants turned up, which just blew our minds. Huge thanks again to Jen for sharing her valuable insights with the community.

Also, a recording will be available but only to those who signed up to the webinar last week, and it will be coming down after 1 month.

We’re working on a few more webinars that will be coming soon and we’ll keep you updated as soon as we get more info.

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Alright, on to the good stuff!

🥗 Thousand Island, Italian, or Ranch? Most of us can make that decision. But what if there were 175 different salad dressings to choose from? Suddenly it gets tricky due to what’s known as the paradox of choice.

But learning to embrace this paradox can help us improve our designs. Find out all you need to know.

The paradox of choice: what UXers need to know
🙅🏻 Want to know what the #1 biggest mistake in writing for the web is? The Nielsen Norman Group get’s us back to basics with this 3-minute video.

The Biggest Mistake in Writing for the Web

🏃💨 How working on a website’s breaking news desk changed one man’s outlook on internet self-promotion. Thanks to Andrew Astleford for sharing his story and handy tips.

6 Things I’ve Learned About Embracing Self-Promotion

💡 Not exactly a microcopy example, but we couldn’t resist sharing this great post. Thanks Nathan Mudaliar of Atlassian for creating this. You made us LOL.

Full Facebook post here

🎨 Sher Agami is a Tel Aviv based product designer who’s done some fantastic work. No surprise, her portfolio is also well designed and a great example of how to arrange things for easy perusing.


🦉💤 Since we shortchanged you a bit on the microcopy example, here’s an β€œoldie but goodie” idle state from Hootsuite, a tool for scheduling social media posts. It’s not every day that you can make β€œWake Up!” work as a CTA.
👔 So, who’s looking for a job? Or, looking to hire? OR who’s just looking to procrastinate a bit and see what’s going on out there?
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