UX Writing Weekly #78

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🗣️ Great news! Due to the HUGH demand for last week’s workshop, we’re having a repeat this week. Big thanks to Jen Schaefer for offering to share her wisdom once again.

We bumped our Zoom plan up to 1000 participants so that everyone who wants to will be able to join. I think it’s going to be one of the biggest and most international UX writing events the world has seen so be sure to JOIN US!

Secure your spot here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/how-netflix-measures-copy-success-round-2-tickets-104029561218

We’re not planning on sharing a recording, so please join our live event if you’re interested.


📐 I probably mentioned Samuel Hulick and his onboarding teardowns more times than I can count so I am super happy he’s doing a new one for Figma.

How Figma Onboards New Users

By the way, they just raised $50M and are looking for their first UX writer.

🎶 In a real-world Black Mirror moment, Travis Scott gave a concert on on Fortnite.

More than 27 million people around the globe simultaneously shared a concert experience inside of a video game. To me, it feels historically significant as to how we’ll consume media in the future and I can only imagine how writers will be in charge of creating the narratives of these experiences.

Honestly, I can’t even describe it with words so just watch the full show here.
😂 Loved this short read by Leonardo David Raymundo about how small details can make a big difference when it comes to telling a joke or writing microcopy.

How a joke about funerals helps with UX writing

🤩 Cameo is an app that lets you get personalized messages from your favorite celebrities (apparently there’s a market for that sort of thing). They turn the sassiness meter up to 11 when you tell them you were born in 1845. Thanks to Mike Lightman for what turned out to be a pretty interesting discussion.
🎨 Julia Kulbaczewska is a digital experience creator and multimedia design student. People that know how to write, design, and code are a huge inspiration to me. Check out her work here:


🤓 Still looking for book recommendations? Check out our list of books for UX people:

Top 19 books anyone in UX must read in 2020

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