UX Writing Weekly #73

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✍️ We recently published an article explaining why UX writing is just like teaching your little brother to ride a bike.

Join the ride β€” When and how to apply UX writing

🇰🇷 Really good UX here by Appcuesβ€”one of my favorite resources for getting some UX inspiration. In this post, they analyze how a Korean app made COVID-19 resources accessible and easy to use.

How Korean mobile apps are making COVID-19 resources more accessible

🏠 Jen Kaarlo is sharing her experience of working from home as a UX writer in London.
It’s super inspiring to see how she breaks down every part of her day. I also find it’s critical to create a daily plan in order to stay sane.

Where I Work: Jen, the UX content designer and writer working from home

🎓 A lot of companies and institutions are offering free courses and other resources these days. Here are a few worth checking out:
UX Writing free course
UX Writing free email course
List of 130+ Free Online Courses
450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free

🍳 Our community moderator Greta shared with us a cool feature on a cooking website that helps you to keep your screen clean from all of the stuff on your fingers. COOL Beans!
🎨 Here’s another great resource by Kaitlyn Luckow that was shared on our Facebook group.
It’s the slides from a presentation where you’ll get excellent tips about setting up your UX writing portfolio.

Putting The U In Your UX Writing Portfolio

🎙️ We are at 20K podcast downloads! Whoop Whoop!
Flash back to our second episode where we interviewed Sarah Richard of Content Design London and talked about creating a content style guide for the UK government and more.

Listen on the UX Writing Hub:
Fighting for Content Design

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👔 From now on, we’re going to publish our UX Writing positions on a dedicated post pinned to the top of our Facebook group. Check it out right here.
📤 As one of our students said to me in a video conference: stay safe and stay sane!

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