UX Writing Weekly #71

PLUS The power of questions -
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👨💻 To kick things off this week, here’s a quick story about our journey building a remote culture for the UX Writing Hub and its relevance to today’s current state of affairs.

We’ve also got some handy tips on the tools we use.

Check out the practical 3-step guide to working remotely

❓ As UX writers, learning to ask our clients, users, team members, and others the right questions is a huge part of what will allow us to become better designers.

Check out the Harvard Business Review’s guide to asking better questions, The Surprising Power of Questions.

💬 Need to brush up on the lingo? Check out this simple and short guide to content design terminology from A to Z.

The ABCs of Content Design

🔎 Jane Manchun Wong has a fun hobby. She takes user flows from various apps and reverse engineers them.

It can be super insightful to learn what new features our favorite products are currently working on and the way companies communicate them.


While recording the new UX Writing Essentials video course, there was just one word I couldn’t pronounce: β€œSubsequently.”

Not sure why, but something just wasn’t right coming out right when I tried to say it. So I used Google Translate to listen to the way it’s pronounced.

Then, I saw the option to practice it:

When I clicked, I could actually practice the word and was eventually able to pronounce it right.

Way to go Google!

Andrea Azcurra is a seasoned UX writer and content strategist with a love of design thinking and user experience. Check out her portfolio and hire her for your next project:


This one goes back to the time we interviewed a UX writer when it was still super rare to find UX writing content.

Thanks to Chris from Booking and posts like this, we were able to publish content that helped us to build and establish the international UX Writing community that keeps on growing.

Interview With A Senior UX Writer From Booking.com

Personal note: These are difficult and stressful times for many, and the future seems suddenly uncertain. The one thing I know is that the future belongs to writers in tech. They can work remotely and are agile enough to adjust to the situation we’re in.

People like us (and other professions like developers and designers) can help boost the economy and design creative solutions for the current global situation.

At a time when many people are losing their jobs and businesses, events are being canceled, and even my mom is on unpaid leave, it’s time for us to step up and land our next UX writing and copywriting projects.

Push and try even harder to get that gig!

My team and I are working on projects for our clients and on creating more educational material so that more writers can bring value at a time when everything seems so upside down.

Keep up the great work everyone, and don’t stop learning!

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See you next week, stay safe!


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