UX Writing Weekly #67

PLUS the UX Chrome extension you need in your life -
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🥄 So much of product design is about solving problems for our users. But how do we know weโ€™re โ€œsolving THE RIGHT 'IT', rather than solving IT RIGHTโ€? The Mobile Spoon has the answers in this great post about the importance of user interviews.
🔧 Hereโ€™s an awesome new Chrome extension that gives you helpful UX tips every time youโ€™ll open a new tab, courtesy of 101 UX Principles: A Definitive Design Guide.

Start your day with some UX principles! So far, I really enjoy it.

💭 Do you know how to string words together into coherent thoughts? Turns out itโ€™s not a given these days. Thatโ€™s why more and more people are realizing the importance of having dedicated writers in tech companies. Check out: Writers with a twist of tech.

🦛 Having trouble finding the right word? Somewhere between the standard thesaurus and Urban Dictionary, thereโ€™s got to be a happy medium, right? Meet word hippoโ€”it's got tons of ways to search for that perfect word.

🧠 Debbie Milman is the creator of design matters and one of my favorite design evangelists. In her brilliant Ted talk, she reveals how the Homo sapiens brain is designed to perceive symbols, and how that relates to the way we perceive brands today.

Just a quick reminder about why good writers in tech are worth every penny:
🤯 So-Hee Woo is an intern at Microsoft HoloLens and a Student at the ArtCenter College of Design. Her projects are MIND-BLOWING!


Featured UX Writing Jobs:
🇺🇸 UX Writer @ Calendy, Atlanta GA, USA

🇬🇧 UX Copywriter @ Plum Guide, London, U.K. or Remote

🇺🇸 Web Copywriter โ€“ UX Story Producer @ Indeed, San Francisco, USA

🇺🇸 Content Designer, Growth @ HubSpot, Cambridge, MA (Remote possible)

UX Writing Internships!!!
🇺🇸 UX Writing Intern (Summer 2020) @ Dropbox, San Francisco, CA, USA

🇺🇸 UX Writer, Intern @ LinkedIn, Sunnyvale, CA, USA

🇺🇸 UX Writer Intern (2020) @ Lyft, San Francisco, CA, USA

More Jobs:
🇩🇪 Senior UX Writer (English) @ GetYourGuide, Berlin, DE

🇩🇪 Communication Content Specialist - English and German @ Wayfair, Berlin, DE

🇫🇷 Senior UX Product Designer @ Contentsquare, Paris, Ile-de-France, France

🇫🇷 UX Writer @ MyScriptยฎ, Nantes, FR

🇪🇸 Senior Copywriter @ Typeform.com, Barcelona, ES

🇺🇸 X Content Designer @ Bluehawk, Consulting, Bellevue, WA, USA

🇺🇸 UX Content Designer @ The Job Network, Bellevue, WA, USA

🇺🇸 UX Content Designer @ Launch Consulting Group, Redmond, WA, USA

🇺🇸 Sr. UX Copy Writer @ APN Consulting Inc., Bothell, WA, USA

🇺🇸 UX writer / CX writer consultant onsite HBO Warner Media @ The Randy Neuringer Co, Seattle, WA, USA

🇮🇱 Copywriter & Content Writer @ Rakuten Viber, Tel Aviv Area, Israel

🇮🇳 UX Writer @ Bounce, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

🇰🇷 UX Writer @ SendBird, Seoul, KR

🇸🇬 Content Designer, Design Standards, Institutional Banking Group, Group Design @ DBS Bank, Singapore, SG

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This is our #1 most-listened-to episode to date. I spoke with Matt Hayes, who now works at LinkedIn (and is hiring an intern). If you havenโ€™t had the chance to listen to this episode, this is the one you really donโ€™t want to miss.

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