UX Writing Weekly #62


Clear, concise, and useful.

Dave Glazier is the UX writing lead at Nedbank, one of Africa's largest banks. Recently, I spoke to him about writing microcopy for a large and diverse emerging-market audience.
Make sure to listen to Inclusive writing for Africa’s largest banking app.

It’s no secret that psychology plays a critical role in UX writing—particularly concerning human irrationality. Here are 10 great psychological tips and tricks to nudge your users in the right direction. (Use incognito mode if you’re out of free reads).

Prototypes? Wireframes? Fidelity spectrums? It’s not as scary as it sounds! Here’s all you need to know about the difference between low fidelity and high fidelity wireframes, and when to use them.

Here’s a super interesting talk by UX Researcher Celia Hodent. In it, she covers common onboarding pitfalls, gives us guidelines from UX research, and looks at some best practices for creating game titles. Good stuff!

Looking for a design conference near you? Here are all of the design conferences coming up in 2020.

15 failed attempts at describing UX writing at parties by Steve Howe is my favorite read this week. If you enjoyed it, don’t miss our interview for Writers in Tech podcast.

Damian Corrigan shared with us what happens when a UX writer is given 4 words but only needs one...
Jason Yuan is currently interning as a UX designer at Brain technologies and is known for his Apple music case study. Check out his sleekly designed portfolio:



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