UX Writing Weekly #58

Even though I’ve been in product design for years...
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Clear, concise, and useful.
Even though I’ve been in product design for years, I’ve never created a product of my own. But now felt like the right time.

Due to the success of our microcopy Pinterest boards, we decided to create the CopyHubβ€”a microcopy inspiration board where anyone and everyone can add their own examples to share with the community. Think of it as the world’s first database of microcopy examples.

See it here

🎧 How to modify an ultra-popular music app and make a kids version in:
Introducing Spotify Kids, A New Standalone App for the Next Generation of Listeners

🤖 Chatbots: they’re older than you think. Take a trip back in time with Google’s Cathy Pearl and see what insights she uncovered in A Conversation With My 35-year-old Chatbot.

😜 Creating a fake identity perchance? Hey, we won’t judge you. In fact, if you need some AI-generated, hi-res, royalty-free profile pictures, check out
This Person Does Not Exist … or do they … 🤔

🔴 On a serious note, let’s talk about social media and mental health.

Instagram is broken. It also broke us.

🎙 Need a podcast flashback? Let me suggest the time I talked to
Yves Van Kerkhove from Colruyt Group about voice interface design.

Self-awareness + microcopy = pure pleasure. On Fibery’s homepage, click on "I don't get it, explain differently" and you'll be presented with all new copy, explaining the product from a different angle. Love the "anxiety" version.


Daniel Autry is a product designer that created a really cool app for students dealing with mental health issues. Also, the structure of his case studies is on point.

Check it out here

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