UX Writing Weekly #55

An expert point of view
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Clear, concise, and useful.

βœ… Pieterjan Benoit is a UX Writing Hub course alumnus and the leader of the KrakΓ³w UX writing community (join it!). See his latest post!
The 3 pillars of creating a charismatic voice and tone

βœ… Intuit uses conversational UI to help improve the time benefit for their users by designing chatbots that are one step ahead. Learn more about their approach.
Designing and Building Chatbots the Intuit Way

βœ… Everyone seems to agree that user engagement is crucial. Read these valuable lessons written by a behavioral scientist.
What Is Engagement, Exactly?

βœ… Dori Adar is an Israeli gamification expert. Watch his latest talk about how decisions affect the play experience (and enjoy his beautiful storytelling about his girlfriend’s experience giving birth).
How decisions affect the play experience

Need to convey the value of UX writing?
No worries! Just share this screenshot and hit those skeptics right in the feels.

This week we’ve got not one, but two portfolios.
The first is by Diana Arteaga who just finished her internship at Shopify and is looking for her next challenge in UX writing.

Check out her portfolio

Continuing the trend of creating portfolios in non-traditional mediums (last week we had Orlee Gillis with her literal
Medium Portfolio) we have Isaac Feldmanβ€”a designer from Israel.

Issac chose to present his work on notion.io.

It’s a good move for several reasons, including free hosting and the clear manner in which he was able to present his projectsβ€”which is what portfolios are all about:

I wonder what happens if I'll click on that shiny blue link 🤔


🌐/🇫🇷 UX Writer @ MyScript. Nantes, France or optionally remote

🇮🇱 UX Writer @ Wix, Tel Aviv, Israel

🇮🇱 UX Writer @ Localize, Tel Aviv, Israel

🇵🇱 Technical Author with strong UX Writing capabilities @ Cyclad, WarzΔ…chewka, PL

🇪🇸 UX Writer @ Freightos, Barcelona, ES

🇪🇸 Technical Writer Internship @ Nespresso, Esplugues de Llobregat, ES

🇩🇪 Senior UX Writer (English) @ GetYourGuide, Berlin, DE

🇩🇪 UX Copywriter - Hotel Search @ Trivago, DΓΌsseldorf, DE

🇬🇧 Content Designer @ Deliveroo, London, GB

🇬🇧 Conversion Copywriter @ Salience - Growth Marketing Agency, London, GB

🇧🇷 UX Writer @ Olist, Curitiba, BR

🇫🇷 UX Writer / Copy Writer (English-speaking Markets) @ OpenClassrooms, Paris, FR

🇦🇹 UX Writer @ Dynatrace, Linz, AT

🇺🇸 UX Writer @ Yelp, San Francisco, CA, US

🇺🇸 UX Writer @ Opendoor, San Francisco, CA, US

🇺🇸 UX Writer @ Dropbox,Β  San Francisco, CA, US

🇺🇸 UX Writer, Partner Experiences @ Apple, Cupertino, CA, US

🇺🇸 UX Writer @ Stripe,Β  Seattle, WA, US

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We are happy and honored to present one of our new partners AbleFinder.

This app helps the parents of children with special needs connect with one another.

In our upcoming January course, our students will be conducting research, designing, and writing microcopy for their app and website.

Registration for our program (limited to 20 seats) starts on December 10th. We’ll give preference to those students who have participated in our free course, so if you haven’t yet, now is the time to sign up.

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